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Now that my 5 year Chex deadline is ONLY two weeks away....

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So I put myself BACK in chexsystems in 2016. That account, which I will not continue to pay on, falls off 6/16/21.  I'm sending the letter a couple days early.  The same way Im upgrading my credit partners, I also upgrade my banking partners.  I dont qualify for Navy Federal.  Any other good credit unions with shared branching Im missing out on?  Its all about rewards, loan products, and perks with EVERY account.  I could add ONE more outside of DCU.


I started off with NASA FCU.  I also added two w/PenAir FCU.  Then, two w/Wells Fargo.

Pentagon Fed added me back in 2016, but I deleted the checking because it was a $10 monthly fee.  I just opened a new account in June 2020. I then added OneUnited Bank. 

Just added Langley FCU and will go back to DCU I think in about two weeks. Both offer great mortgage options.


Sock Drawer:

PenAir is cool.  Its a FREE account, but no real perks.  No loan products yet.  Have business account too. Has shared branching.
WF is cool.  No loan products yet.  Accounts require $500/month balance to be free.


Main Accounts:

NASA lets me transfer to all other institutions.  Has great bill pay. Decent credit products. Cash reward benefit.
PenFed is an amazing bank.  Already have $500 O/D and $2k in credit cards.
OneUnited Bank is my play account and Black-owned.
USAA is my external savings checking with cash reward.

Langley FCU has cash reward and great loan products.


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You could try First Tech Fed Credit Union. I am on Chexsystems with it froze and never had an issue opening account online with them, If you join Financial Fitness, then you can join. Doesnt matter where you live. Im not sure if they use chexsystems or not. 

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