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Non--Chexsystems Banks


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17 hours ago, tmcgill said:

SoFi, GO2, Varo and BBVA are widely recommended for those on Chexsystems. Does anyone have experiences with these banks?

1) Approval Process

2)  Fees

3)  Customer Service

4)  Products



I do have a SoFi Money account. From what I recall there wasn't a Chex done on me. No hard credit inquiry either, but they must be doing some checking somewhere. I also have a SoFi Invest account, with some small investments in it.


I haven't used the SoFi Money account much, but it does come with a debit card, some checks, has a bill pay function and account/routing number for direct deposit and you can transfer money from/to other banks. I don't use it as a primary account, but it should work that way if you need to. Just don't screw things up, as they could close it on you. SoFi also has a credit card, but a partner bank issues it. I've never applied for it.


As far as BBVA, they're in the process of selling their U.S. branches to PNC. I'm unsure about how they approve for checking, but if you want to try, do so before the sale to PNC completes.

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I have had Varo for a little over a year. It started similar to Chime but they recently became a bank. The only difference I have noticed since they became a bank is the speed for ACH transfers. Used to be within 24 hours now it’s a couple of days. 

Approval process was quick. Download the app and sign up. Card received in about a week. 

No fees to speak of, except the new Varo advance feature, which I don’t use and non-Money Pass ATM fee of $3. 

Customer service similar to Chime. Focused on the chat bot. There is a customer service phone number but it is not 24 hours. 

This is pretty much a prepaid card issued by a bank. 

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I’ve had BBVA for a year and a half. 

Full checking account with checks. 

There are no monthly fees but the overdraft fee is steep (around $40 and 5 max per day). Shouldn't be an issue if opted out of overdraft. 

Approval was easy. Applied and funded online. Funding must be from a real bank account not a prepaid card. Card arrived in a little over a week. They provided 3 counter checks at opening. Future checks must be purchased (something like $20 for 20 checks). 

Only needed customer service once or twice early on. They spoke English and the wait time wasn’t terrible. 

They have other products like most full service banks. 

As someone else mentioned, they will be PNC later this year and I don’t believe PNC is Chex friendly. 

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