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Student Lon Shows As Revolving?

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I am new to posting on this board, however I have been reading it frequently as I try to improve my credit as best I can. 

I feel like I am in an oddly unique situation right now with one of my student loans. Normally, student loans are reported as monthly installment accounts. However a loan I have with a private credit union (graduated in 2017 and started paying in spring of 2018) is showing up as a revolving account? I spoke to a few people who said this is bizarre and not how a student loan should be reported, and because of this I have a 95% utilization ratio from all three credit bureaus because of it which is dinging my score. 

I wanted to pick some brains to see why this student loan is reporting as revolving instead of installments? I pay it every month with a due date, and have all of the documentation stating that it is an undergrad student loan



Thanks, and I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts!

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Not sure you're still around @Nick884.  I don't review this forum often and just saw this post.


Ultimately the question as to why this has been reported as a revolving account should be posed to the credit union.  If this is indeed a term loan, with fixed payments each month that are stated to amortize the loan over a fixed period (if payment are made timely), and you don't have the flexibility to draw additional amounts against the loan, then your concern is justified.


Contact the credit union, ask about the loan categorization, and explain that it's having an adverse impact on your credit score because it's reflected as a revolving credit account.

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