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Greetings all.


I continue to have major issues with Amazon.  I've got all the proof in the world they tried to collect on undelivered goods.


Question - would they be considered an original creditor or 3rd party since the sellers on Amazon were 3rd party sellers?   If original, what is their responsibility?  I'm in NC if that matters.  I'd have to go back and count, but all the evidence I supplied them - their only response was "pay us".  Needless to say, I didn't.  

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Amazon is a host site like eBay. They operate on a commission and as a broker more or less. I'm sure they have lots of disclaimers in their agreement. You have to deal with the seller; I would not consider Amazon to be a third party debt collector since they are a party to the transaction.  They always send me a picture of the goods in front of my door after delivery.... where's yours? Tracking info, etc.? Small items also come via USPS, some stuff they use UPS.

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5 hours ago, centex said:

Who is actually billing? 


Precisely.  Normally, first recourse would be to notify Amazon of non-receipt and request a substitute shipment.  If Amazon's response wasn't satisfactory, next step is to advise the card issuer for the charge that a chargeback for non-receipt of merchandise is requested.


If Amazon is able to submit proof of delivery, then theft from your home is presumed, the responsibility for which would fall on the purchaser.  If there's no proof of delivery, then the card issuer most likely would honor the chargeback request.  Amazon would still be free to pursue a claim, but would be out the money in the interim.


Presumably, any dispute with Amazon at this point would be litigated in small claims court, if it couldn't be resolved short of that.


The question remains, at what point is this dispute at and who are the parties involved.  FWIW, while there may be a 3rd party seller involved, if Amazon is responsible for fulfillment of the order, then your dispute lies with them alone.

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So here's the story in a nutshell.   Goods were not delivered.  They weren't stolen, they actually were never delivered, and Amazon's own website stated as such.  I tried to go through Amazon, and they wouldn't acknowledge anything I had to say, not even screen shots of their own website saying the goods weren't delivered.  They just kept saying to pay up.  So I disputed with Visa.  Visa ruled in my favor.  After the dispute, Amazon, numerous times, emailed me saying I disputed payment and shouldn't have, so pay up.   It is Amazon trying to collect.  

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