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Is this a valid Pay For Delete letter from collection agency

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hello I am an 18 year old; I had a medical emergency right when I turned 18 and now I have a medical collection that I have agreed to pay in full. I contacted the collection agency Paragon Svcs of NC last week and negotiated over the phone to pay in full if they would send me a pay for delete letter via email. below is the letter i received.

Does this letter look valid? or should I ask them to state the credit bureaus?

I am primarily concerned because it does not explicitly state that they agree to delete from all three credit bureaus instead they just use the word credit.

any advice I would greatly appreciate it thank you so much:


Ref Acct: ###########-$1,000.40
Dear Mr. D#####:
This letter is to confirm that our office has agreed to delete the above referenced account from credit
once it is paid in full. Upon payment, the removal will be submitted and may take up to 20 business
days for the process to change.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact or office at 1-800-868-1899.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$
Collections Specialist

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