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Creditor debt collector help involving deceased father

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I hope someone on here can give me some reasonable advice. I have a credit card that I have had for 25 years, it was my very first credit card that my father cosigned so I could get it. Approximately 13 years ago my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and he passed away about 7 years ago. Once diagnosed, under guidance of our lawyer we retained, all assets with my fathers name in it were transferred. 

In the interim, the credit card was changing bank ownerships and for some reason the bills started out with my name only, then my name and my dad's name and lastly only my dad's name. When my dad passed away, I called to get his name taken off the credit card. I am not sure if I was talking to the right person, but they told me I would need to pay the card in full and apply for a new credit card. At the time I did not have the money to pay it off in full so I left it alone. 

Within the last 4 years my mother passed away, I bought a home and my son was born and most recently the covid pandemic.  Enough things happened that I got overwhelmed to the point where I missed payments and the card was closed and sent to a debt collector. 

It got to the point where I was going to settle the debt for a reduced amount and the debt collector said he could not talk to me only the primary who was my dad (who is long deceased by this time). Then they said they had to lock the account and send back to the creditor. 

I really do not want this to come back and haunt me and ruin my credit even more since I am stabile now and my credit score is going up. 

I called the credit card company again and I think I was automatically forwarded to another debt collector, but no one has reached out to me since.

Should I reach out to the new debt collector? I would like some guidance how to proceed so I can resolve this.  Thank you for any guidance somebody can provide.

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