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Chase lease


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Hi Everyone 

in the middle of trying to raise my credit score, Chase really messed me up!

I refinanced out of a Chase lease to my credit union, they paid off Chase and Chase has reported me as a charge off for the full amount of the lease.

It was properly paid in full, but the have erroneously reported it as a Charge off.  They say they will check into it and get back to me, but then no one does.

So my score dropped almost 100 points

can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

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If you can't get a satisfactory response from the traditional customer support people who are supposed to be there to help you, it's time to escalate the situation to an area with greater authority over your problem.


Elliott Advocacy is a non-profit who strives to maintain an accurate database of upper management customer service employees who ideally are an effective point to which to escalate such problems.


There webpage with Chase consumer banking contacts is:  https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/chase-jpmorgan-chase-bank/

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3 hours ago, Wander907 said:

Not sure it will help but you can always contest things on your credit report from the three bureaus. 


That should be considered the "remedy of last resort".  Most of the time you can count on the creditor to affirm the reporting as accurate, particularly if you haven't been able to get the creditor to directly concede there is a problem.


As an action of recourse, a CRA dispute works best when you're talking about an old transaction for which the creditor may no longer have accurate records, or when there's been a transfer of ownership of the account and detailed records may not have been passed over.  Of course, in any circumstance, you can simply hope that the creditor fails to respond to the request for confirmation from the credit bureau, resulting in deletion of the account.


Ultimately, the strongest likelihood for correction of an inaccurate CRA entry is to engage with the creditor themselves.

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