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Score confusion, pay down but score drops


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So seriously, have a small balance in no interest. Thought I would start on it and paid I think 500 on it.  Balance goes down right?  You would think a lower balance would make the score go up?  WRONG.   Punished 8 points for paying on it.  What the heck.  This is not the first time I have noticed this.  Is it just me?  Happening to others since the Rona?  Here’s a pic. Well it won’t let me post a pic. But.  It’s off myfico.  Experience, your balance dropped by 500.  Score now 739 -8.  

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How many accounts have a balance?  Yes, it matters.


I previously started a thread that tracked a drop (850 to 825) when nothing reported a balance OTHER than my AXP Plat AND I had added a new account.  Just as NO accounts with a balance can cause a drop, so to can having more than one revolver with a balance, no matter how nominal.  When I let something report ten bucks the next month, I regained 15 of the points IIRC.   

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