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Save this much if you spend that much...

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See, Target Circle emailed me an offer coupla weeks ago wherein if I spent $100 in one go, I would get to save 20 yes TWENTY damn dollars.


As it happened, I was in the market for a new wireless router and the well-reviewed AC1750 was on sale that week for $59.99 'stead of $79.99.


Since it's neither needless nor improvident to buy groceries at Target - and groceries weren't one of the exclusions - I headed over to Eagan (the only nearby Target with that router in stock : / ), Google Sheets open on my phone, the =sum(A:A) function operating in cell B1, and added groceries to my basket, plugging their prices into Column A, then removing or replacing some items with others until my pre-tax total had reached (get this) $100.10.   :D


I was at Barnes & Noble's website last night really just to give my lately idling AmEx card a bit of use, and also because it occurred to me after hearing several of the catchy tunes from the Broadway musical Wonderland, I really didn't know anything at all about the Alice in Wonderland story(ies), and B&N carries an edition in the Oxford World's Classics series that a) Amazon doesn't, and 2) contains both Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.  It was $8.95 but you need to spend $35 for free shipping.  I added more selections, subtracted some, adding others in their place, until I had gotten my total to (get this) $35.90.  :D


So - assuming The Canterbury Tales and Twelve Years a Slave are worthwhile reads, that's twice in two weeks that I met the get-a-good-deal threshold without spending as much as one yes ONE damn dollar over the threshold.


This thread serves as a venue in which I shall be lauded by you all.


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