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15 years ago - 520 to 702 Fico and a new house. Thanks Creditboards

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15 years ago and in my twenties, I started documenting my journey of rebuilding my personal credit here on this forum. Disputes, pay for deletions, adding trade lines and using HIPAA to go from 520 Fico to 702 when I bought my first home. This site held a special place in my heart and I was eager to share the knowledge gained and I did. 

Shared with my brother, he then used the info to boost his credit credit as an authorized user on family member accounts, ultimately destroying their credit and his by opening up credit in their names and racking up 35k in debt and a vehicle repo. 


But I'm here again because I want to build business credit for my upcoming business for when and if I'll need it. Documenting, sharing helps to encourage others, adds knowledge and keeps me motivated. It's a marathon, not a race. 


I cannot for the life of me find my old thread or remember my old user name. It would be nice to look back and read. 


Anyways, glad to be back. 

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