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What is up with Alliant's credit score?

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For the longest time Alliant's Vantage 3 score matched Credit Sesame's score but starting in 3Q FY20 it sky rocketed, up 48 points. Ever since then, the quarterly pulls are far higher than CS Vantage 3 score.


I checked Alliant, they still say TU Vantage 3.


Now my Alliant TU Vantage 3 score is higher than my actual FICO scores, by a lot. CK and CS scores are more than 60 points lower than my FICO scores.


What gives?

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They are all scores which won't be used by major lenders, which means they are for amusement only so...don't worry about it.  Focus on real scores from Fair Isaac. 



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@tireredsquare, I also noticed that in 3Q 2020, Alliant's alleged "TU Vantage 3" began diverging markedly from everyone else's TU Vantage 3 scores.  I have several other sources for that number, and all of them agree with each other except Alliant.  In my case Alliant has been sometimes much higher and sometimes much lower than the other TU Vantage 3's.  It appears that Alliant is looking at completely different information, or else has changed algorithms while continuing to claim the old one.


@centex is right, though.  Vantage doesn't matter because lenders don't care about it.  Alliant is just doing something strange, which affects nothing.

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On 4/6/2021 at 12:05 PM, cv91915 said:

Out of curiosity, what was/is the purpose of comparing two skores that no one uses?

I don't know why other people do it.  In my case, it's incidental rather than being an end in itself.  Several banks and credit unions send me a bunch of numbers, and as long as they stay pretty close to the same as last month, I don't pay close attention.  When one or more of them changes substantially, I use that as a trigger to go look at my credit report to see if there is anything I need to know.  Because I use them that way, I happen to notice when one number diverges from the others.

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16 hours ago, centex said:

It could be as simple as a balance that was not reporting on the date one place pulled that WAS reporting on the date the other entity pulled.

In Alliant's case, that isn't what happened.  I had the same $2 balance reporting for many months in a row, and Alliant suddenly stepped out of line with the others.

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