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How far should I push CLI given our income


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I've been encouraged to ask for CLI on my cards by several members here. My question is this: Given my scores (clean reports, 750s average), and our combined income of $60,000 (unfortunately, our income took a huge dive when I had to go on disability,) how far should I push when asking for CLIs on my various cards. I already know Cap1 hates me, and I haven't tried any of the others yet. Below are my cards, my current limits and when the accounts were opened. Thanks for your advice.


Wells Fargo  $3,800  Jun-15

Capital One Quicksilver  $1,600  Mar-16

Monroe and Main  $1,600  Dec-16

Capital One BuyPower  $850  Mar-17

Walmart  $650  Jan-18

Chase Amazon  $2,000  Oct-18

BBVA  $3,600  Feb-20

Bank of America  $1,500  Mar-20

WF Propel AmEx  $6,000  Apr-20

Citi  $4,700  Feb-21

Lowes  $1,200  Mar-21

Amex Blue Cash Everyday  $4000  Mar-21

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I haven't encountered issues income being the limiting factor until the limit with that issuer was between 25-40% or so. If you have high dti that could be a factor but otherwise on 60k income I would likely ask for 10-20k and see what they come back with. Getting a 2nd\3rd cards and combining them was how I increased my limits quickly.

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Review first to see who wants a hard pull versus a soft pull.  BofA is usually a soft pull and will allow you to put in a requested line.  They may not give all of it to you, but if you get the link to increase the limit, then go for it...on a year-old card, you can probably ask to go to $5K and expect a counter of $3K. 


Citi used a hard pull the last time I sought a CLI.  I don't use the card much, so I have not asked again...


BBVA...have one of the cards but have not pursued a CLI


Don't have CrapOne or the stagecoach, so have no idea about their practices. 

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