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Business address and income. Do I get a PG card first?


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Have LLC formed over 10 years ago which I never built credit for and want to. It has low 2019 income and none prior. Website looks good and has matching email address.


I wanted to get the company listed in Google with a certain address, but Google says you can only list if you have specific business hours where people can come in. I read that these days the credit decision makers will Google the business name and are going to feel much better if you have an actual physical business location. Should I proceed even though I don't have a Google Business listing that comes up? I had read that they don't care as much anymore if you use a VOIP phone because they care more about web presence, so I did not get in a 411 directory yet.


I am not sure whether to take 2020 deductions and show very little income. For credit applications, is it much better to have LLC income? Or would they not care since the LLC income is low anyway?


I wanted to start with a BofA checking account. Can I do this with just a mailbox and a VOIP phone? The mailbox doesn't key as a commercial mailbox in the USPS database, but if someone Googles they would know it was a mailbox. Then I think we would immediately apply for Net30 accounts. But do I have to wait until those report before I apply for a CC?


I would prefer not to get a PG card (because of my personal AAoA), but a PG card seems better than getting a denial. And I would like to get it going ASAP because I have some goals about 12 months from now. I think that getting the PG card might help establish a record for the company, making it much easier to get a non-PG card 6 or more months later. Any advice here?


Is the non-PG is impossible with low income and no Net30s reporting?

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Maybe I can get the Google Business listing temporarily and take it offline, and put it back later before I apply? We were meeting people at that physical location for business purposes, just not on a set schedule.


I am willing to get a 411 directory listing but it would probably take a few weeks.


Did get a Brex cash management account for the LLC. I don't know if that reports or anything.

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The last post in this topic was posted 923 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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