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My mid score is 686.  I'm almost ready to apply for pre approval waiting until 3/17 as it will be 4 years post bankruptcy.   I know I qualify now for FHA but waiting gives me more options (i.e. conventional) and since it's only 2 weeks away it's best to just wait 


My question is recently a collection popped up on my account (only negative other than bankruptcy)


It's for $881 for a medical issue 3 years ago but started reporting in Dec.  I disputed but they validated.   They sent me a letter to settle for $500. 


My question is should I ask for a pay for delete? It's Asset care and heard they do.   From what I see my score went down like 20 points when it was added so seems would be worth getting removed.



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First of all, I always assume FHA loans are expensive subprime poison until shown otherwise, so I share your instinct on the very short wait to go the Conventional route, but it never hurts to compare (that's the "shown otherwise" part :) ). 


Assuming that getting the TL deleted gets you 20 points back, does that favorably impact your loan costs (rate and/or other terms)?  


Have you selected 3 or 4 mortgage companies to start pricing your loan options?  

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Before you go the PFD route with them, I would check out WhyChat's method for dealing with medical collections.



https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


You can also visit our medical collections forum if you have questions on that as WhyChat is there frequently and they are great about helping folks.


Worth a shot to try to save the funds for your down payment or closing costs if you can.



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