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Last late payments removed! from Grow Financial


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Now I will be on a 100% clean slate. my last late payment was incorrectly placed as late 30 and 30 days late on october and november of 2015. They kept giving me a run around and how it was reporting accurately. Then I blanket emailed every officer email I could find about the case, and a standard "it is reporting accurately" response came in the mail.

Then I called them stating that I did talk to an attorney, and this was in fact have been reported incorrectly with both my payment records from my bank and theirs. I also stated if I had to I will file suit with my attorney and file complaints across all channels if needed.

I did admitted fault on being late on October's payment, but I didn't find it fair that even if they correct the mistake. That I have lived 5 years with a ding on my report due to their mistake they refused to fix. Even if it falls off less than 2 years from my report it has cause irreparable damage and has lead to getting higher rate on my credit cards and loans for the past 5 years. I don't think it's much to ask to remove both due to the timing and circumstance.  a week later they called me today and stated that everything will be removed with a email confirmation.

Now my credit will be getting a decent jump I hope :) even though it's already pretty high

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On 2/27/2021 at 4:49 AM, cv91915 said:


Beautiful!!  Nice job!!



This is my history recap from Fico score from my creditboards.com journey LOL

I had everything fixed then right after my family needed a lot of help, and my inlaws got into a bad accident and they discovered stage 3 cancer and having a home built in Thailand caused a lot of uncertainty. Luckily my investments in Tesla pushed me back to financial freedom LOL. In Musk we trust! i had over 10,000% return on my investments.

I'm waiting to see the new score after the last lates are deleted 


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11 hours ago, distantarray said:

Got my scores updated :)

Equifax 835 (some items in dispute atm getting authorized users removed to increase my AAOA)

Transunion 848

Experian 841 

Fico08 from myfico.com


That looks really good on you!!!!



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