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Expelled from college, now they want my money

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Here are the facts of my situation:

- I owe my college over $6000 on a tuition of $9000

- I only attended school for 2 months of the semester I owe tuition for due to unforeseen circumstances 

- my debt has been sent to a collection agency

- I am an international student with no resources to pay all of this debt

- I have offered $3500 but the school denied it

- I need my transcripts from them to transfer

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Being expelled (which typically implies a major rule infraction) is not likely going to be something that allows a student borrower to evade the loan.  And if this is a loan made by the institution, they usually tend to want the full nut.  Sorry, but that is just the way it is...

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Usually the full tuition is due within the first few weeks of a semester.  You were probably not entitled to a refund.  Being expelled wont get you a refund either. 


You are not going to get your transcripts without paying in full.  

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Did you have an F1 and I-20 when you got to the US? Over the years I've had many international students (mostly postdoc but some still doing coursework) in my research lab and I couldn't even place them in a rotation until all of the paperwork was in place. For those who were on the second/third year, an expired F1 was workable as long as the I-20 was current. 


When your current school expelled you, they notified all of the governmental agencies that you were no longer a student and you have no funding from them. Am I correct in assuming that you need your transcripts to gain admission to another school? If so, how are you paying for that?


Not trying to be mean, just want to understand your thoughts. I think you are aware that you will need to pay before you can think about going to another school and/or address any of the other potential issues that lie ahead. Good luck.


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