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Amex MR Points - Do you reconcile?


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Anyone have a good way to reconcile Amex MR points? I currently have 3 cards that earn points (down from 6), and can't figure out a good way of making sure all of my points post correctly.


I was digging into this last night, and I noticed that they stopped posting point activity on monthly statements. Instead they put a box on the statement that shows "Available and Pending Points" as of the last day of the prior calendar month. It also says, for more information, go to the MR website. Problem is, the MR website only shows activity for the prior 12 months, and it is by calendar month rather than billing cycle. 




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You can obviously do it manually by downloading the transactions into Excel and then calculating it for yourself, but even that may prove difficult with timing, and especially hard to do it for months in arrears.


At this point I would just see where your MR balance is as of the latest statement on one of your 3 cards (or the next one coming) and see what the point balance is.  Then as the statements close and points are added, see if the points from that statement are what you expected and your running balance is what you expected.  something like this:


Balance as of last card (Card "A") statement  5000

Card B activity                                               +1000 (check that points added align with transactions on statement)

Card C activity                                               +1000


etc., etc.


I used to track all my earnings on my cards, but it just got too tedious, plus I went to a single earning strategy of maximizing URs.  I have 4 Chase cards which contribute, and thankfully it is pretty easy for me to track as the Freedom, CSR and Ink only get bonus earning purchases and everything else is on FU @ 1.5 points, so easy to do math.

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With few exceptions, the purchases I put on my various Amices track directly back to the category(ies) for which the card excels.  


If my Platinum closes with a $2,000 balance, more than $1,900 of that is going to be airfare, which is 5X.  I occasionally spot check to make sure that I ended up with about 10,000 MRs from a statement like that, but that's about it.


Have you found any discrepancies?  

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