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in 2016 I had a stroke that required brain surgery.  i have many medical bills from this because i had no insurance.  i am still unable to use my right side and can not get work.   i am interested in taking care of these bills and need to know how to go about this. 

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I hope you will continue to recover and that you now have medical insurance to cover any ongoing or future problems.


I assume you are getting disability and have not become a lottery winner, if so put the bills behind you and conserve your $$ for your present and future needs.


It is past the time (SOL =statute of limitations) when you can be sued for any of these medical debts. I suggest you follow the guides and get these accounts deleted from your credit reports so that you won't be harassed by collection agencies.



https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html

Once you have opted out and deleted any old addresses as much as possible you can start with the initial dispute letter to the CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies)


List each medical account as it is reported on the CRA you are disputing.




Come back to this post for further instructions


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