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Sent to Collections by Sprint but the Debt isn't Mine

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So this has been causing me lots of stress lately and I wanted to reach out for advice on how to proceed. I've been trying to fight this for over a month and haven't made much progress.

My credit score has always been excellent...>800 for as long as I can remember. All of a sudden email alerts start going off and I find out I've received major derogatory marks from all 3 credit reporting agencies for an unpaid debt by Allied Collection Services. This surprises me and with no other information on the debt I called them to find out more. They told me the debt is a $3,900 bill from Sprint for an account opened in September 2020. I haven't had a Sprint account in years. I called Sprint and they were clueless, they looked my info up and confirmed that my last account with them many years ago was closed with no balance and I was in good standing. They said they would open up a fraud case and would contact me back in a couple days. They never called me back, and every time I call them back I get nowhere. It's been a good month of me continuing to contact them with no progress.

The next thing I did was dispute the mark on my credit report through Experian. Then I sent a debt validation letter to Allied Collection Services by certified mail with return receipt. The letter I got back from them contains the original Sprint contract as proof. Wrong name, wrong address, and wrong phone number. Literally none of the contact info matches mine. The name is very close to mine (basically same exact name but they left off the first 3 letters of my surname), and the phone number is off from mine by 2 digits (last two digits are transposed). The address on the contract is not mine. These are the only identifiers listed on the contract. The letter finished up by saying "Pursuant to your request, we have obtained verification of the debt; provided the requested information to you as required by law and will continue collection activity".

Then I get the results from the Experian dispute and it's verified / upheld. I'm reluctant to submit disputes through the other 2 agencies since this one was upheld. Should I submit them anyways and provide a copy of the contract?

I'm thinking I need to send another letter to the collections agency to dispute the debt / say this account isn't mine.  I've never been contacted from them ever to pay this debt, probably because they have all the wrong contact info. Our first contact was when I reached out to them after my credit report got hit.  The letter they sent back to me was still addressed to the wrong name, even though I gave them my right one.

I'm frustrated with Sprint. Having trouble reaching anyone high enough up to actually get something done. As far as I'm aware there's an active fraud case open, but they promised a callback over a month ago and have never heard back. Every time I call back I have to re-tell the whole story and it's leads to nowhere.

I'm having trouble determining if my identity has been compromised or not? I know an SSN is required to open a Sprint account, and I'm ASSUMING my SSN was used and that is how everything is being tied to me / why I was the one sent to collections. I say assume because I have no evidence of this...the contract only shows name, address, and phone number...it doesn't show which SSN was used to open the account obviously. Sprint is no help in confirming this. If my SSN was used for the initial soft credit check, then wouldn't there be some kind of system in place to verify that my name / personal info matches what was provided in the application before approving the account? If this is identity theft then why didn't they use my actual name and instead put something very close? The only other possibility I can think of is that this is a real account, and Sprint / Collections / Credit bureaus are accidentally tying it to me since our info is so close. This seems like a stretch.

Today I contacted my EAP vendor through work. An identity theft resolution specialist is going to call me back...I'm hoping they can at least provide me with drafts of letters to send out. I want to send letters to Sprint (someone high up, maybe legal), the collections agency, and the credit bureaus).  They are also going to refer me to an attorney who specializes in collections. I am also considering submitting a complaint through CFPB.


Sorry for the short novel, but this is where I'm currently at. Hoping to get some advice on what to do next.

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A brief internet search suggests that this might be the best contact to which to escalate this problem:


Marci Carris
SVP Customer Management
6200 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66251
(913) 323-3931


Email contact is reported to be effective (I suggest keeping first contact concise):


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For this amount these idiots will eventually sue you. $3900? Really? They shut me off about half an hour after my incorrect bill for $108.00 was ten days late. (they paid dearly for that)  No way they would ever let a bill get that high from what I have seen.


Sprint has private arbitration, and they are terrified of it. You should inform them of your intent to arbitrate BEFORE they file a lawsuit, and file a case with the forum in the agreement. The initial cost for them is around 6K (non recoverable) and it gets worse from there.  Filing  NOW stops them from using the court system, which saves you a lot of aggravation and work if they pursue this.



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