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NFCU - Fair Weathered Bank

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Here is my story, facts only:

I went to Mavis tire here in Gainesville Florida with a Front driver side flat tire. I also had a slow leak on the rear passenger tire. I said to the gentleman at the desk that I know I need a new front driver side tire so please make it inexpensive and check the rear passenger tire because it has a slow leak. After two hours of waiting he came back to me and said that I needed a rear passenger tire because there was a nail in the sidewall. I spent $250 on two tires. When they said the work was done I went around to the garage and talk to the tire boy. I said please show me the nail in the rear passenger tire. He looked completely confused and said to me, "what nail?" I told him that Christian up at the front desk told me that you all had to replace the tire (pointing at the car) and I had to buy one because of a nail in the sidewall. The tire boy said to me there was no nail in the tire and that is not the tire they replaced. He said he replace the front passenger side tire because he was told that the tread was low. So now that I've completely confused everyone, what happened was I paid for two brand new tires one for the front driver side and one for the front passenger side.

Now comes the good part. When he could not show me the nail or proof or reason why I needed to buy an additional tire guy asked for the manager. In a nutshell, Christian at the front desk was caught deceiving me and trying to sell me some thing I didn't need. The manager offered me four new cheaply made tires at the price of the $250 I paid instead of refunding me.

When I left with four brand new tires happy as a clam, and spending $250, my vehicle immediately started bouncing down the road. I then went to tires plus that day. They looked at the tires took the wheels off took the tires off called me into the garage to show me that three of the four tires that I was just given at Mavis tire were separating from the tread, in other words, they were defective.

Now the bank part........

I had tires plus write down exactly what was wrong with each one of the tires. The unfortunate part about the whole thing was that I had to start from scratch and by four brand new good quality tires spending over $680 at tires plus. Keep in mind that I had already spent 250.

I took the seven pieces of paper from tires plus and called NFCU to dispute the $250 charge with full explanation just as I'm telling you here and with all the paperwork from another mechanic shop with it stating on the paperwork that these tires are dangerous and must be replaced immediately.

In the end, navy federal did not stand behind its member, they sided with Mavis tire. I'm probably one of the few people they gave them so much proof that they sold me defective tires. Today, I not only closed my checking account and shares account but I also closed my credit card with them. They will never get my business again, and I will never trust them with my money.

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You did a dispute involving a credit card over the telephone? Did you go to a branch or online to file supporting documents? How long did this dispute take and how long did NFCU investigate?

By the way, who is Christian?

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I emphasize.  But missing is the discussion there NFCU explained why your chargeback request was refused.  That leaves open the possibility that you didn't follow proper procedure.  For example, I would have expected that you would be required to attempt to seek resolution with Mavis before filing a dispute.


I understand that you already disputed the transaction with them, but you accepted their attempt to remediate the dispute.  When you found that the tires you were given were defective, the onus was still on you to complain to Mavis and request a refund prior to initiating a dispute.


I would have anticipated that NFCU, in rejecting the dispute, would have explained what steps might be taken to resolve their concerns.

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