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US Bank Account Servicing Site Has Been Redesigned

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I also just noticed that every transaction in the Recent Transactions list shows the word "Credit" under it, but I suppose that's to identify the account where the activity occurred and not the type of transaction.



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Nothing has changed for me when I login to the USB website.....


Interesting, USB has still NOT updated their reporting for me for December, they always update at the end of the calendar month and the updates typically take 2-3 days to post and here it is the 11th of January with no December updates?

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Does anyone have an abacus handy?





Note that no new charges have posted since the AF, and the AF was included on the first and only statement we've received on this new account. 


And even if there were charges pending (which there aren't), they wouldn't be included in the current balance anyway.


Excerpted from the statement:



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The $93.84 apparently was a pending charge, but it wasn't being displayed.  🤷‍♂️  It has since posted.




I also received a travel credit for the same amount.




This is a good time for a reminder that any transaction that decreases your credit card balance is indicated by a plus sign.  :lol:    


AnD thaT DescrIPTiOn cOUlD uSE a oupLE oF EditS.


What a mess. 




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