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Trans Union Issue

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I kind of have two issues. 


I recently bought a truck from a GMC dealership, we came in using my Credit Union to finance but the dealership was handling all of the financing stuff because they use my credit union already.  


Well today I just got a letter from another credit union that fir some reason GMC ran my info through for a loan although we already said we knew we would be approved though our we credit union so not I have another hard inquiry on my credit report. That's the first issue, minor but still an issue because they weren't supposed to nor did they ask us if we wanted to try another financier.


The main issue is that one the letter from the other credit union we saw our credit score and the listed key factors that adversely affected your credit score. The first one is "Serious Delinquency." Which is my problem. We have been actively monitoring our credit regularly and we have no outstanding balances on anything and we pay our balances in full each month. Also the last credit report I got from Trans Union about 2.5-3 months ago showed no negative marks on my credit score. Using other credit apps, I also have a 100% payment history. So there is no Serious Delinquency that shows on the report Trans Union gives to me, but somehow there was one on the report they gave this credit union. Also we have no late payments since the last report that I received. I have no collections or any supposed negative marks on any of my credit reports from any of the credit bureaus. Where could this serious Delinquency be coming from?

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With regard to the inquiry, I'm going to suggest that you simply set aside your concern.  In the scheme of things, a single additional inquiry is truly a mere gnat.  It'll eventually drop, but until then it's of so little significance it's best ignored.  (Some on the board go as far as to state, "Inquiries don't matter", period.)


With regard to the possibility of a delinquency on your TU report, it's best not to speculate; obtain an updated copy of your TU report so that you can review it.  Through April 20212 (in response to the COVID pandemic), you're eligible to request a free copy of your report from each CRA through https://www.annualcreditreport.com.  I suggest you go ahead and request all three reports online and review them carefully for any negative entries.


Your TransUnion report will display any tradeline with adverse content first, before listing all other tradelines that have a positive status.  If, upon review, you have further questions, return to this thread with a new post and people will be pleased to assist.


You can also go an additional step and request a paper copy of your report.  Sometimes this can be advisable, inasmuch as a paper report tends to be more detailed in the content it displays.  In my experience, it's been the case that paper reports show a little more detail than online ones when it comes to adversely reporting accounts.  I believe obtaining such a report requires a mailed request, per instructions on the CU website.  You should be able to obtain a free copy from TU, citing the adverse details in the letter your received from the 2nd credit union.



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Posted (edited)

When is the last time you got your full credit reports?


Now through April you can get one free copy of each per week from https://www.annualcreditreport.com . 


This is sort of a chicken/egg comment, but if you think you may need to dispute something, get the reports directly from the bureaus by contacting each of them separately.  The ACR reports give data furnishers an extra 15 days to respond to a dispute, and you're better positioned if they only have 30 days vs. 45.


The extra auto loan inquiry isn't even a small issue, it's a non-issue.  FICO takes rate shopping into consideration, and any auto inquiries in a short period of time are scored as one.  And one may not even decrease your FICO score by a single point.  





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