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Credit Card Annual Summaries

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Does anyone find these useful?


Summaries like this one are among the reasons I've never bothered attempting to use Quicken, Mint, etc., to "track my spending."  So I tracked it... now what?



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I look at them if I remember or it pops up, but I don't make a point to review them.

I suppose I could use those to check my spending against my budget estimates to see if I need to adjust my forward spending projections instead of doing it manually, but personally I would rather download the transactions...makes it easier to identify recurring vs. one-off purchases at retailers we go to frequently.

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I reviewed mine for the last 5 years on JPMR and in 2020 I spent 60% less than the average of the prior 4 years. The decrease being due to travel expenses reaching near zero in 2020. SAD!!

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3 hours ago, nemo said:

I use them as an easy way to verify that I've remembered to document all my tax-deductible purchases.  The way they're divided into categories makes it easy to scan the individual items quickly.

Do you think I can deduct Other?  If so, that's $49.4k in deductions I hadn't anticipated!  :D 

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7 hours ago, cv91915 said:

Do you think I can deduct Other?  If so, that's $49.4k in deductions I hadn't anticipated!  :D 

Ha!  I hadn't noticed that from the graphic.  That certainly makes it harder to use the annual summary the way I like to.


My only remaining card from Barclays is my Uber card, which I barely use anymore now that they've killed the rewards.  My other cards tend to have more useful categorizations.

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I don't find them to be useful.


I usually have an Excel spreadsheet that I update everyday with my CC spend and payments. When I finished my year-end summary yesterday, I wasn't surprised by how much must I spent on dates (COVID didn't have too much of an effect on that). I was surprised a little bit by how much I spent on groceries; despite more trips to the grocery store this past year, I spent less in total compared to 2019.


It's easier to just export the charges to Excel and do your own sorting.

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