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Master 2021 Approvals and CLIs Thread (Post Yours!)


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3 hours ago, brainchasm said:

BofA Cash Rewards (originally grabbed for a BT).


$19k -> $30k


on website, reports are frozen, picked Engineer as my job (that is the weirdest and least-comprehensive list I've ever seen)


shoulda asked for more...


Just did the math for funsies - that puts me over $300k in open card limits, with $30k of that as a hidden TL.  Whee

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Another $11k CLI, this time from Sears ShopYourWay (a Citi-powered Mastercard).


Did online CLI request, card was at $4k, asked for $26k more.  Filled in the usual blanks, hit the checkbox that auth'd Citi to pull my reports...


but my reports are all frozen.


10-15 second response - we'd LIKE to increase your credit limit, but we can't do $30k, yadda yadda, would you like $15k instead?


Yes please.  Yoink!


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Discover IT card auto CLI from $6200 > $8200.


On another note, what is the process to get a CLI from AMEX? I've only gotten 1 CLI from $3k to 5K and that was 5 years ago. I carried a heavy balance since but now have paid it off.

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Picked up Amex Bonvoy travel card. $40K CL, 450/yr. 200 SUB dining credit was nice.


We are aligned with Marriott, so 300/yr in Marriott credits, a (another) free night/yr, incentives to visit Ritz and St Regis properties, Priority Pass Select (does not include Centurion lounges like @cv91915 gets to enjoy), renewal of my Global Entry, and very good travel insurance coverage makes the math of owning this card free for our use.


Beautifully presented welcome kit. Attractive designed metal card with heft. 

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On 5/15/2021 at 4:44 PM, DebtFreeIn04 said:

Discover waited about 110 days since last cli denial.  12,900 to 14,400 +1500. 

They were stingy with me as well.  


When I initally applied, they indicated they would perform a CLI review at 3 months. Then they claimed 6 months. Then 1 year. Finally 31 days after first year, they raised me $4K. 800s across all 3 bureaus. No lates or derogatory marks. Blah blah blah. Apparently they feared inquiries from me asking Chase for a CLI. Whatever.

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4 hours ago, DebtFreeIn04 said:

I hadn't asked USAA For cli in couple years it was worth the hard pull inquiry 

I've had the card for 8 years and only got one auto CLI. I carried a balance on it for a bit and paid it off slowly. Paid off a couple of other cards and got auto CLIs from them so I figured what the heck.

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10 hours ago, j7n1o7 said:


How often can you request a CLI from Disco?


For a while they were granting them daily, but that's some time ago.  Try monthly if you'd like; all they can say is no.

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