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Goal to Achieve: 850 credit score

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  1. Early during 2019 I stopped paying all of my credit debt which consisted of credit cards and loans.  I started off in 2017 with good credit-- scores in the 700s.  I helped my boyfriend and got very much overwhelmed.  Now in addition to working with a company named Peace of Mind whose brand is about forcing a creditor to prove that the creditor owns the debt in question, I want to do some of my own cleanups. I'm familiar with the Universal Data Form relative to how it is utilized.  Question:  Can I use the form to submit credit challenges to the three credit bureaus.  I'm so ready to achieve that 850 middle credit score!
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welcome to CB!


please fire the CRO asap. There is a good chance it has done more harm than good.


UDF is very 1998; while it is good you are familiar with it there is little to gain.


have you ordered paper copies from each of the four major CRAs that participate in e-oscar?

If not, order paper reports from the big four before doing anything.


IDS: https://www.innovis.com/personal/creditReport

ignore your FICO scores when you have an open dispute and while rebuilding never forget that cleaner reports re better than higher FICO scores.


lastly, don't forget the other half of credit repair. good luck!

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      My new strategy for increasing my credit score is to use 2 secured credit cards for my expenses though-out the month and use my checking account to pay for the cards when the due date comes. I want to stop using cash and use credit, so it can grow! Now, i’m getting stuck on when to 
      1. actually use my cards during the month
      2. whens the best optimal time to pay back
      from my understandings i need to pay when i have a balance due (Due date is the 18th) and not the current balance, so that they can see i’m using my card, is that right? Or pay when the new statement comes out (21st of each month is when I get a new statement in my bank app). I just don’t want to be spinning my wheels thinking i’m doing this right, and my credit remains to same, i’m trying to get this new house ya’ll. Also i hear that some people pay multiple times throughout the month why is that, and the benefit? 
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      I have searched & searched for an answer to my question and I can't seem to find one...maybe I am not wording my search query correctly.  But...
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      I have a Cap1 account with 4 Lates that are keeping my score at 710, when everything else is clean, low utilization and old, diverse report.
      The attached screenshot below has all the details...
      Late payments: Jun 2019 60 day, May 2019 30 day, Feb 2019 30 day, Nov 2017 30 day
      Any ideas for dealing with this?
      All posts I've seen here mentioned that the EO etc are not very useful these days.
      I don't care to lose the whole tradeline, I have plenty other accounts that are older.
      All I got for my trouble last time I tried to remove via goodwill is this message on the file:
      "Account previously in dispute – now resolved – reported by subscriber"
      Thanks for your input!
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      Hi Everyone, I requested hard copy reports from all 3. I just received my Trans report in the mail. To my surprise my report does not include date of 1st delinquency nor does it show any address identification numbers . Has anyone else had this happen to them? Do I need to request another report? Im so butt hurt, I was eager to get things rolling. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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      Hi all,
      I was wondering if anyone had some advice regarding the following:
      I recently pulled our credit and Ally Financial is showing a charge off (CO) in the amount of $997.77 for a Chevy Volt lease we had back in 2013. The amount was written off sometime in 2020 and we were sent a Form 1099-C. I spoke with Ally Financial today and was told the charges were for excess wear and tear - it was our understanding that when we returned the car this was being taken care of by the dealer - we turned the car in a month or two early with low miles and some equity in it and leased another Volt from the same dealer. The rep from Ally that I spoke with today said that even if I wanted to do a PFD I couldn't because our balance is showing as $0.00. 
      Sooooo… based on the above and the below example of how the account is showing on our Experian CR, what do you guys suggest we do to clean this up???
      Any help, advice, guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
      THANK YOU in advance!
      This is how it's showing on our Experian Report:
      Account Name: ALLY FINANCIAL
      Account Number: ######XXXXXX
      Account Type: Auto Lease
      Responsibility: Joint with XXXXX
      Date Opened: 5/30/2013
      Status: Paid in settlement. $998 written off.
      Status Updated: Aug 2020
      Balance: -
      Balance Updated: -
      Recent Payment: -
      Monthly Payment: $0
      Original Balance: $13,065
      Highest Balance: $0 
      Terms: 36 Months
      On Record Until: May 2024
      Payment History: Current on payments from August 2014 thru July 2017, then it shows CO (Charge-off) from August 2017 thru July 2020, and finally it shows CLS (Closed) August 2020.

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