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Somebody stop me! Or tell me to go ahead.

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I was gonna wait...then I didn't.  With 57% and dropping cc utilization, Fico 8 TU 674, EX 680, a few late pays from 6 years ago, no collection etc. I was scheming how to help my utilization.  I looked at credit pulls for the last couple months and NFCU Amex more popped up a couple times so I did it. 


Approved 12k, 12.99% TU pull. Should help utilization and I'll check out bal txr. That should put my overall utilization below 49% I'm thinking without having to do math this early. 🤣


Was thinking of rolling the dice again to lower utilization without doing it the standard way of paying down the debt, which i have been would just like a little boost. 


Thinking of Amazon store card then I thought maybe a little patience is in order.  

What do y'all think? Any low hanging fruit that actually would serve a reasonable purpose?  


I've maxed outmy CLI requests at least for this month lol.

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Hi Heg. I have 24 open accounts 20 closed reporting . Aaoa Is 8 years. 5 open accounts are 18 years each. I just applied/approved for the nfcu account this morning, it is not reporting as of today. Still thinking about it. 🤔


Looked at credit pulls looks like if any I might get 3k or so credit limit on Amazon or any other decent card. Think I'll cool it and go for cli's for the next 6 months. NFCU is my 2nd account opening in 2 years. 

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5 hours ago, DebtFreeIn04 said:

With 57% and dropping cc utilization, Fico 8 TU 674, EX 680, a few late pays from 6 years ago, no collection

You are in good shape except for the debt. Your scores are going to skyrocket when you get that paid off and the lates drop. You are also at 2/24 so don't waste slots on anything without a generous SUB or 0% BT offer.


You are in the perfect demographic for Capital One SUB cards right now. Cap1 loves high util+moderate risk. They will be harder to get after you join the 800 club. Spark Cash has a $500 SUB and no longer reports to personal...


You might be able to get rid of the lates a few months early too (there is an early deletion thread somewhere).

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