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Debt validation letter to CA, include full SS?

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5 hours ago, legaleagle2012 said:

Look at it this way .... if they don't have the account number, they cannot prevail in a suit.

Yeah, actually they COULD.  There are multiple ways that it could occur and I need not go into all of them.  Litigation is ALL about the documents properly before the Court. 

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23 hours ago, Zanshiro said:

Give them as little information about you personally as you can, IMHO.  Make them work; the burden of proof is on them.  AKA, just the account number showing on your CR would suffice.

The way I look at this is to reference the acct # provided in the collection letter and do not provide SSN.

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1 hour ago, StarkRaven$ said:

The way I look at this is to reference the acct # provided in the collection letter and do not provide SSN.

Concur with this.  And where a letter is being sent based upon information in a credit report, then you use whatever truncated number is provided along with other pieces as may be relevant to the identification. 


The key to ANY letter is to tailor it to a situation and DO NOT send generic tripe.  Further, where the issue is a legitimate dispute (as opposed to the "I just don't want it on my report anymore" sort of thing), there ARE often some scorched earth one-and-done practices available to the consumer willing to put in a little effort. 

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4 hours ago, Killbadcredit said:

By the way can you all educate me on what amounts are you more likely get sued for?

There is no single answer to that question.  We have seen suits for amounts as small as a few hundred dollars but they walk away from debts in five figure amounts without suing. 

4 hours ago, Killbadcredit said:

Or what would make a collection agency try or want to sue for? Could it be the amount?

The amount owed is but one factor.  What state the consumer is in.  Experience with the local courts.  Review of credit reports to determine odds of potentially collecting.  Is it a state that does not allow wage garnishment?  There isn't one factor alone that pushes a creditor to sue but when several tip the scales they will file.

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