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UPS collections

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So I signed up for an account online to prepare to make shipments for my business. We ended up using fedex instead so we never shipped or received anything thru UPS. We would get a lot of mail from them the first being solicitations for their services. We assumed it was all just junk mail and didn’t realize they were also sending invoices. Fast forward a year later I get a voicemail from a collection agency saying they are collecting for UPS. I called UPS and after being bounced around to 5 different depts they tell me we had signed up for a weekly billed pickup service Which we did not know about or want. I was then transferred to accounts receivable who said they will submit a dispute for me against those charges since we never shipped anything. I will have to wait 3-5 days for the results of the dispute. 

I’m trying to plan In case something goes wrong with this dispute. I signed up online under the business. I did put my name, address and phone number. Can they report the collection on my personal credit? How would I fight this?



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As I understand UPS daily pickup service, this should mean that every day a driver poked his head into your business, asking if you had anything for him to pick up.  You thought that was a free courtesy?  Just sayin' ...


Hopefully UPS will cut you a break.  Assuming you contracted in your business name, I wouldn't expect them to note the collection on your personal credit report.  An exception to this would be if the service contract stipulated that you agreed to a personal guarantee of any amounts owing. 

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In trying to deal with UPS on a billing matter, I have found through the years, that a very well-written fax sent to the CORPORATE OFFICES often results in a call from someone effective in the executive offices within a day or two.  The last time I had to go that route, there was some agency in New Jersey that had ordered some fire hoses that somehow got shipped on my shipper account number.  Neither the origination point nor the destination were even within a thousand miles of me.  The costs were not massive, but it was still eighty bucks or so I did not feel like paying for someone else.  


FAR more effective than trying to deal with the phone drones.

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