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credit repair


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I have been through a personal situation that has left my credit "shameless".  I did manage to hold onto two (2) credit cards.  The rest are in default and probably going to judgement.  I am planning to obtain my credit reports from the 4 major credit bureaus within a week.  At that time, I will begin sending letters to original creditors to verify the amounts and then to the collection agencies to verify or remove - letters.  Also, i need to remit monthly payments to the creditors to maintain a satisfactory job clearance.  However, I will send only to the original creditor and not the collection agency.  


Any recommendations or advice?




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There is a LOT of ground between default and judgment.  To begin with...you have to be sued before a judgment can occur.  And before one gets sued, there is often a few years of collection activity.  Some have defaulted on six figures (across all accounts) and never been sued.  Much will depend on where you live, as the laws of your jurisdiction will dictate whether the litigation makes sense for a Plaintiff...


DO NOT send generic tripe to any entity once you have obtained your paper reports and do not dispute online.  Disputes that properly preserve your standing should be tailored to the account at hand.  It does not need to be complex, but every account is different just as every jurisdiction is different.  Generic tripe begets generic tripe. 


Matters that have been sold will not allow payment to be cashed by the original creditor.  Once sold, they no longer have an interest in the matter insofar as collection is concerned...


Given the reference to a clearance, I will defer to those who have had to deal with such things...

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