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Student Loans Removal


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Ae these federal or private loans?


If federal, they can be rehabilitated after 9 months of on time payments. Call the CA handling your loan(s) and indicate that you want to rehab them. Important to note: this is a one shot deal. If you don't follow through on the agreed plan, this opportunity won't come around again.

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19 hours ago, Jakay26 said:

Hi! Ive had some student loans go into collections unfortunately. Has anyone had success in rehabilitating student loans once they go to collections?

As long as you have never been through the rehab process, it is (or at least used to be) relatively simple.  You had the discussion via phone with them, made the required payments and then you were free to consolidate elsewhere with the old derogatory data being removed. 


Oh, and not all defaulted loans actually go to a traditional third-party.  Some still remain with the agency that originally underwrote the loans...

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Yes, they’re all Federal loans. I’ve never been through a rehab process either. Ive noticed that I have racked up several, several late payments on the accounts, like 14 total accounts. Once rehabilitated, will the late payments and/or other negative information be removed?


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from the FSA website:

Benefits of Loan Rehabilitation

When your loan is rehabilitated, the default status will be removed from your loan, and collection of payments through wage garnishment or Treasury offset will stop. You’ll regain eligibility for benefits that were available on the loan before you defaulted, such as deferment, forbearance, a choice of repayment plans, and loan forgiveness, and you’ll be eligible to receive federal student aid. Also, the record of default on the rehabilitated loan will be removed from your credit history. However, your credit history will still show late payments that were reported by your loan holder before the loan went into default.

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On 10/29/2020 at 8:48 AM, Aliiy said:

Yes I am requesting assistance for relief of outlet from student loans on my credit report from 9 years ago that's holding me back from acquiring  my dream house and car.

Hey, I know of a program that helped me and I was able to get my house. I have all the details if you want it?

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The last post in this topic was posted 741 days ago. 


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