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Aaron, a psychology professor at UC Berkeley, wired $921,235.10, a number to this day he cannot forget, from his account at Bank of America...

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PSA from ALTA.


Please be doubly cautious, as not all perpetrators wear gray hoodies and work in near darkness. 



Also note that not everyone who wears a gray hoodie and works in near darkness is going to steal your life savings. 

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Maybe I'm just insecure, but with our purchase in December, I can't imagine initiating the wire transfer without confirming it verbally with a party to whom I had previously spoken.  (Given my nature, I probably double confirmed every step of our purchase/finance transaction.)


I'm inclined to wonder just how cleverly the sender's email was hacked.  Mind you, on the more amateur "phishing" emails I receive, the email domain has clearly been altered and, as such, is always a glaring red flag.  (Sometimes you have to hit hover over the email field, or hit reply, to see the true return email address.)  This is something I'm inclined to check in even the most innocuous cases ... and it's saved me some measure of confusion on an occasion or two, where otherwise the email appears to be (at first glance) genuinely sourced.


Finally, if this was truly a thoroughly professional hack job that was relatively undetectable by the recipient, how did the fraudster f* up the receipt/collection of the funds such that they were recoverable by the bank days later.  Wouldn't they take great pains to obscure the paper trail on the funds after they were collected?


Don't get me wrong ... I'm entirely sympathetic to the couple involved and am thrilled that the funds were recovered.  I simply want to understand just how vulnerable a reasonably savvy person is to such fraud.


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9 hours ago, cashnocredit said:



Hoe Lee Fuuk. 😱


It pays to be paranoid.  

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