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Bank of America does not use the 250-900 bank card FICO 8 to maintenance your account but instead provides you with a monthly free TransUnion FICO 8 credit score. (300-850)


You need to apply for a credit card from First Bankcard of a subsidiary of FNBO to obtain the 250-900 bank card 8 FICO scores they provide every month.

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Well, I'm back at 850 TU FICO 8 after dropping away roughly 18 mo ago when we highly leveraged a HELOC to fund 15% of the home (w/ 80% mortgage) into which we've yet to move (looking like we'll finally pull the switch in June).




Achieved a score hike from 833 when an investment was freed up for liquidation, allowing us to pay down $50k on the HELOC, pay off an $8k installment (orig bal $22k), plus $18k on a credit card ($25 CL).

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Posted (edited)

I've recently been bouncing between 842 and 846 on Experian FICO 8.


Today I'm back at 850.


Perhaps coincidentally, an installment (auto) loan that I opened in December (and which started reporting as new/open within the past couple of weeks) updated to $0 / closed today also.


I have four inquiries, two of which are < 12 months old, and both of which are auto pulls for the loan referenced above (so scored as one).






Other recent changes:




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