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Chex/LN Risk

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So i am at a lost what to do next. When i applied for BECU, one of the reasons listed for a low score missed the cutoff by like 50 points) was due to "total number of on-derogatory records".  besides some excess inquiries, there is nothing else on chex, no negatives anywhere EXCEPT for the LN risk solutions section. I have since then  gone off my LN report with a fine tooth comb, disputed a bunch of like insurance stuff, and even been on the phone with an investigator at LN (they sat on my dispute for 30+ days and did nothing, win win for me!). My LN report has nothing one could call derogatory and i actually got all the old accidents removed too if they were some how counting that. 


Do i have disputed with Chex twice now citing the information is incorrect. I seem to win each time and they remove that section from my report and say not available (not sure how that impacts the score). Just for it to come back again. Each time they never actually provide me proof or a description what it means, but it is enough to bring down my score.  


Trying to figure out my next steps. I will dispute gain #3, but I am tired of this dog and pony show. I feel if they cannot provide information and an exact way to get the data they are showing, then it is knowingly providing false information. 



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Excessive inquiries are probably a major factor. They factor in when going through Chexsystems.  Chex will throw in a lot of jargon, when the inquiries are really the reason.


Stop applying for 6-12 months for new accounts using Chexsystems. There are many other options for credit unions and banks that won't look at those.

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