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New Online Bank - One Finance - Tested as Promised


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So, I previously mentioned testing out a place in another thread along with a little CU that had some great ideas on funneling money into higher-rate accounts, which appeals to me greatly for obvious reasons.  The more "emergency fund" can sit earning 3%+ the better!  Mind you, I currently have the limited uber-high-interest ones max as far as I've been able to read and find (BECU/WECU/DCU and so forth) that are 4.75%+  So, finding one that appears to allow unlimited with round-up/CD interest (Still in test phase) and one that allows a higher-cap 3% helps in the goals of pushing towards full financial independence.  I'll copy paste a few of their best features and links to the site.  




Those are some core features, and here I have my absolute favorite that I do need to do more testing with, if plausible.  Payrolll bonus savings deposits???!?!  At 3%?  YES!



They do have a great referral program, but it caps at $100.  So if you'd like a link, I'll add it to my signature below, feel free to join up with me.  https://tinyurl.com/OneFinanceLink




When I complete the testing on my other CU I'll post a new thread on it, but for now, this looks solid and pays out a 3% as promised.   Now, the quest to funnel more into that 3%...So there you go, @hegemony - One down, one to go (Likely in a week after next deposit hits)



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$500 to $100 typo.
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