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CRA response to Initial Dispute

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I have a CA reporting a paid medical debt on EQ.  I sent out a dispute as per the WhyChat program, requesting names of providers, dates and types of services, etc.  I got back my response today.  They:


1) Confirmed the item is mine

2)  Modified the "status date" and "balance date" to 9/2020.


Obviously, this is not responsive to my request, at all.  The next step is to send out the "Alternate Medical DV for accounts that have been PAIDTO THE REPORTING CA AND ARE BEING REPORTED AS "PAID COLLECTIONS" letter, correct?  Any mods or advice in light of EQ's non-responsiveness, or just run with the program as laid out?

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I am assuming you followed ALL the initial steps in the guides?


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html

If so and you sent the CRA-- (only on Eq.?) the initial dispute letter;


then yes the next step is to send the CA the medical DV for accounts reporting as paid;


and then send Eq the follow up dispute



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Picking up on where I left off... I sent the CA the DV for medical debts reporting as paid on 10/16.  They received it on 10/20.  Not a peep back, and there's been no change to the TL on my CR (I have real time monitoring).


Is that unusual, to just get no response?  I suppose that it's possible I'll get something in the mail over the course of the next week, but it feels increasingly unlikely.


I guess the next step, as you mentioned before, is to follow up with the EQ dispute.  One question:  that letter says that "i disputed as per your [i.e., EQ's] instructions", but EQ never said that at all; they just sent me back a written response saying "verified."  (I did send the exact initial CRA dispute letter, so they clearly didn't read it or give it much thought).  Should I change the wording of the follow-up EQ dispute letter to reflect that?


Thanks for your time!

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No don't change anything. That phrase is designed to comply with the automated instructions you would have received if you had disputed on line.

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