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NEW CARD!!!! (X1 VISA) METAL!!!!!!

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The first benefit noted has considerable appeal to me:



Auto-expiring virtual cards: The X1 allows users to create virtual credit cards with their own individual card numbers. X1 is billing this as a perfect way to sign up to free trials since the card number can be set to cancel after the signup—and thus means that the free trial, once it ends, can’t be converted to a paid subscription.


The problem is that early this year I signed up for a deep discount rate subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek using a Citi virtual card number with a 2-mo expiration date.  Last month, the subscription came due for renewal and apparently Citi updated the biller with my actual number because a $120 annual rate charge appeared on my card.  (disputed with the sub agency and immediately removed).


So, once bitten, twice shy.  If I get reliable info that such a tactic would work with this card, I may give it serious consideration.

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On 10/4/2020 at 2:16 PM, hegemony said:

regarding the X1, I see no compelling reason to sign up or apply (but I'm willing to listen to arguments in favor of doing so). And I doubt they would really give a limit that is a multiple larger than 1.0 to my HHI.

I saw this fine print on the website:


Assumes an average credit limit of $4,479 granted to Generation Z, which is calculated by dividing their average total credit limit of $8,062 (source) by their average number of credit cards (1.8)

so 5x this is not even $25K? Phhbbbbbt.

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