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Getting negative remarks removed

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Good Morning,


So I hit some really hard times, causing multiple things to go into collections. I am finally on the upswing, and paid all of my collections off (yay!). I got in contact with 3 of the collection agencies after paying in full, and asked if they would consider removing the account from my credit report completely, which they agreed to do. There is one (ERC) who said they don't do that, and it is just going to sit as paid in full, which is still not the worst case, but it would be better if it were gone completely. Since they wont remove it, can I contact that original company (ATT) and would they be able to have it removed? I am just unsure if that's something I can do, or if they would have any control in that. Thanks!

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Sadly once you pay the CA you're SOL. A paid CA account is just as bad as unpaid for FICO. The correct move is to pay the OC, but you've passed that point. 

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23 hours ago, nvecc1 said:

There is one (ERC) 

Their main office is on the same road as my office.


When I was dealing with them for DW I made a personal appearance. :P


They really loathed that.. Poof gone... 


@shifter is 100 accurate. Once you pay a CA they have their desired result, you are SOL as far as getting something from them.


This may work. It has worked for me in other instances.


Dispute the tradeline through the bureaus using the jack attack method.


Wait for results from the bureaus.


Dispute directly with the furnisher, in your case ERC.


On day 31 if they, ERC, have not marked the account in dispute you can leverage FCRA.


Its an elaborate process but is fairly effective.


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