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Trouble with Amazon

Quit Screwing Me

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Hey all, I'm not around as much as I used to be, and when I am, usually in General Forum.  I've run into a bit of a different situation that I'm not making any headway on.


Amazon keeps telling me I owe them money.  I do not.  They are neither a creditor nor collector.  


A couple months ago, I ordered some stuff which never arrived.  I tried to track everything online, and Amazons' own website and tracking info shows the items were never delivered and may have been lost.  I reached out to Amazon at the time.  You can't call them, they have to call you (and the number they call you from never works when you call it back).  Anyway, they told me to simply cancel the order online.  I tried, but their website is so jacked up it kept telling me to cancel it at a future date.  I gave up and decided to dispute with my credit card company (Chase) and re-order the items.  


The new items arrived fine.  After some back and forth, Chase finally gave me a permanent credit on my account.  This is after I sent them 32 pages of documentation including:

-An email from Amazon acknowledging my phone call regarding the order that never arrived.

-Numerous emails from Amazon claiming that Chase has already reimbursed them for the disputed amount (which was not true).

-Screen shots of Amazons' own website showing the items were never delivered (still showing a couple months after the order).

-Amazon stating in writing to Chase that I not only received, but signed for items.  I've never signed for anything for Amazon and requested copies of the signatures which I haven't received.

-Documentation between the order number which DID arrive and WAS paid for, versus the order number which did NOT arrive and was disputed.


I now have a new email from Amazon saying that Chase has sent them a second dispute.  I tried calling Chase to verify, but the people I need to speak with are out until Monday.  I highly doubt that is true, and doubt that Chase out of the blue would send a merchant a random request to dispute after they've already told me (in writing) that I've been credited.


I cannot get through to Amazon.  I've asked them numerous times prior to call me and they have refused to do so.  I think it's best now to keep everything in writing.  My emails to them get replies simply stating something along the lines of "tell us you want us to recharge you for these items and give us the card info in order to resolve".  I tried chatting with them online and request the information for their legal department and they have told me, in writing, that they don't have any such info.  They keep telling me to go to their "contact us" page, which is useless.


Suggestions?  I'm in NC if that matters. 


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I haven't run into a billing dispute with Amazon, so I can't offer advice from direct experience.  I'll note that where I've had difficulty with a product, Amazon has always come through in my favor (including the return of a $2600 HDTV).


A google search surfaced a Bus Insider article that seems to have some good advice on how best to contact Amazon:




Hope you're able to resolve this to your satisfaction; your frustration is palpable!

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Information on publicly traded companies is...public.  You may just have to search a bit and, occasionally, wait for normal business hours.  Weekends get you phone drones or, worse, off-shored.  Both of those do little except elevate blood pressure...


Broader question is whether you ordered through AMZN itself or one of the myriad vendors they have hawking cheap crap that people want drop-shipped.  Some of the vendors don't take kindly to charge-backs and are more tenacious than a pitbull with a week-old hambone...

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Also use Gethuman.com to locate the best number for reaching a person at any company. They used to have a feature where they would dial the number tree and then wait on hold for you, but it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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Thanks all, but it has gotten bad enough that now everything needs to be in writing.  They sent me an email saying they have deactivated my account until I pay them - and I have proof that they never delivered the goods.  I need to gather everything together, but at this point I must have at least 50 pages of documentation. 

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The last post in this topic was posted 869 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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