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I once loved these songs...

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This one ALWAYS makes me happy.    

Songs I still love and all time favorites (just one example). Diana Ross & The Supremes.  

The Man Who Never Returned: Charlie, on Boston's M.T.A.




Song mentioned the place (Jamaica Plain) I lived  in from 1st through 4th grade. Used to take the MTA back and forth to school. Fare was 5 cents! And , yeah, I was 6 and going on it myself. I recall rather enjoying it being a rather independent kid. At the time we lived in "The Projects," aka low income housing. I was envious of the girl that lived next door because she got out of school early to go to some Catholic thing.

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Posted (edited)

Turn it way the --- up.


I didn't realize until I tried to find this song today that Tranquility Bass was a person...  


One of the things I have always loved about TMBG is finding these obscure references embedded in their lyrics.




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9 hours ago, StarkRaven$ said:

When I opened this, a giant ad came up of Home Depot Carpet and I thought first that's what you meant saying it belonged on the loud list. LOL!


Which reminds me...  my YouTube Premium trial ends soon.  Is it worth $12/month not to see ads?


[rhetorical question, but yes, that's all I get out of it]

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