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How to get on top of mounting Debt $60,000.00

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1 hour ago, shifter said:



Your advice is bad not because it's patently incorrect, but because it's theoretical and generic and not applied to this individual situation the way that an actual creditor, trustee or judge would look at it in real life. 

Theoretically speaking, Shifty, are you a creditor, trustee or judge in real life?

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1 hour ago, PotO said:

Theoretically speaking, Shifty, are you a creditor, trustee or judge in real life?

None of the above. However I have dealt with all three of them very recently. I also paid a lot of money for the best attorney who has been involved in hundreds of complex BK cases. So I feel pretty confident in what I've learned and what I've been told. What this guy's espousing sounds like it came from nolo.com.

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Having filed bankruptcy during the last financial crisis (2009), I saw first hand what the trustees were like. And the creditors. NO big banks questioned my spending habits. I would think this would be especially true for a 67 year old that has worked in public service running arts programs for children and lost her job due to COVID closures.


The pattern of trying in earnest to pay off the debt will also be clear to any trustee looking at the case. 


That being said, I still don't think getting another credit card is going to help the OP. Shaving off a few points of interest will keep the balance from growing, but will not lower the amount owed, and with no income it is not clear how else to lower the amount owed.


I commend @BethM for seeking help and answers and for working towards a solution. There are several solutions, just none that will happen instantly. Many of us on this board have faced similar circumstances. I hope that what I experienced 11 years ago can somehow help clarify any questions that @BethM might have. (even in a small way)

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