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Anyone else here a party in the Wells Fargo Class Action from 2015-2016?


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Long story short I was a class member (They notified me of my inclusion and I did not elect to opt out).  Here we are 4 years and about an $85 check later (they sent approximately $85 if memory serves to me in or around 2018).  I just received a notification of a FedEx package being sent to me via Overnight express from "Wells Fargo Customer Remediation".   Anyone have any idea what this could be?  I can only figure it was regarding the class action (as a back story I had reported my case of unauthorized account opening in my name back in 2013) - a former employee of mine had went to work at Wells Fargo and without my knowledge opened up a checking, savings, and overdraft account in my name.  Ironically enough he just made the minimum $20 deposit to open the accounts and never utilized them so there were not negative repercussions on my end from it.  


Long story short, I called Wells Fargo and reported it (but only after I received numerous emails requesting me to update my address with them as my debit card and mail were returned for invalid address - he used the address that he knew me at when we had worked together, from which I had moved a couple of years prior).  Ironically enough, I didnt even know he worked there and after I reported the account I guess WF investigated it because he called and confessed to me what he had done after being "under pressure to hit goals" and even told me I could keep the $20 in the account for my troubles (which I never touched).  The craziest thing about it, is I always like the guy and if he had just called me and told me what he was doing I likely would have consented and would have probably used the account as I was looking to make a change in banking at the time anyway.

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23 hours ago, hegemony said:

Could be a refund for "credit protection" or perhaps a horse head.


23 hours ago, centex said:

So get the envelope and then come back to tell us.


After all, signing for the envelope/package does not obligate you to anything...


Just got it delivered.  It was a check for $150 with a letter explaining it was for "an amount for the hold on your deposit accounts that caused temporary loss of access to those funds" and "additional compensation for our delay in making this payment to you".   


The only thing I can guess it its the $20 outlined in the OP being refunded (even though it was a "fraudulent account" to begin with and not funds I deposited.   I guess I should just be thankful, $150 is $150. ha.

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The last post in this topic was posted 837 days ago. 


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