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SYNC/Paypal inquiry

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Hi All,


Looking for feedback. Back on 2/23, Paypal pulled by credit as someone (not me) applied for a credit account. I actually already one, so no need to apply again. I notified SYNC that morning and they clsoed the account nd promised to have the inquiry removed. Fast forward to today, the damn inquiry is still their. While i would not normally care about an inquiry, it simply is not mine and it bugs the hell out of me.  If i recall, can't i hold SYNC liable for the $1000 for the inquiry if i take them to court? Don't need the money but it is the principal that they promised to remove it and did not remove it.  

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Was this a hard pull or a soft pull?  A soft would have been something most likely attributable to their FAKO score offering...


Further...did you ever preserve the matter in writing AND get a response back in writing?  If not, assurance of action never happened...

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41 minutes ago, EvilMan said:

It was a hard, shows it on the reports. I did not make it in writing since i called in. I do have a case number though they opened, which proves they knew about it. 

Before contemplating litigation, I would HIGHLY recommend sending written communications that reference both the conversation and 'case number.' This gives you tracked records of the placement on notice.  DO NOT send to a generic post office box.  Find the address for general counsel...

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I will assume this inquiry is showing up on your TransUnion report?


You need to write TransUnion and dispute the inquiry directly with them. I would say, "I need to dispute a fraudulent inquiry. I didn't apply for anything with SYNCB/Paypal on 2/23/2020, so please delete this fraudulent hard inquiry from my report." TransUnion is usually good about deleting inquiries older than 90 days, and I think this is the fastest way for you to get it off of your report. I would not count on Synchrony getting it removed, TBH.

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Establishing whose account this is will be very important .... if it is yours, assuming arguendo, then most of your complaint becomes vitiated under the applicable statutes. They have  permissible purpose to do a pull for purposes of collection. "The inquiry is still there" can and would be defended as a bona fide error. (the secretary did it, not me) You'll have to wade through the FCRA to see if the statute addresses this scenario and how long they may (or may not) have to effect the promised removal.


The fine is from $100 up to $1,000 under the statute. Unless this is something really egregious, don't expect a judge to get all excited over it. They are not sympathetic to piddly claims due to the size of their docket, and even if you are right, the judge may remind you of that with the minimum award.

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