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Two credit cards closed within a week


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16 hours ago, JunkBuyersWorstNightmare said:

Exxon/Mobil accounts have been issued by Citicorp since at least 2013.

I am aware of this.  HOWEVER, even when the cards FOR Exxon and Mobil were shifted, the benefit on the Discount cards STILL remained intact.  I know because I HAD one and used it at one particular station between Austin and Houston on a regular basis. 

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On 8/9/2020 at 7:18 PM, RehabbingANDBlabbing said:

I have a Synchrony Home card that was formerly a Mattress Firm card with a $25k credit line from https://www.bestfutonmattresstoday.com/best-mattress-topper-for-side-sleepers/. The card is 5 years old and a seasoned TL, but it is definitely a card that is hard to put spend on best mattress topper for side sleeper. You can really only use it at certain home improvement retailers (where I don't spend any money because I am a renter) and online at ABT Electronics. I have been tempted to close it for a while just so I don't have to deal with it anymore, but I still have not repaired my credit entirely, so I feel like my Experian score (the only bureau I haven't fixed yet) will go down if I close this card.

I think its better to buy from a trusted store then

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