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BOA secured credit card deposit refund

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So when i was a teenager i went to open a bank account with my father at BOA (highly regretted it ever since) with a security deposit of $500. I had a bad payment status for 30-59 days and the account was closed by the credit grantor but only after i payed off the balance (they allowed me to pay off the balance by saying i had to make payment to use the card again and after i did they said i had to call a service representative) . I should have been more responsible on checking my balance since it was below $500 and thinking back now i was told that even though i payed off the due amount i would not be getting my deposit back, so me being a irresponsible teenager i just wanted to hide this fact from my parents. Moneys tight right now for my family so i was wondering if there was anyway to recover this $500. Is there any steps i should take to gather information regarding this ie the credit card terms and service before i try to dispute the fact? Would i be able to remove this remark from my credit score? I know this is a long shot but any information would help. Its been 4 years since then and the account was open for around 7 months. The year was opened on july of 2016 and closed feb 2017. Has anyone else had any experience with something similar? 

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To recap, is this the scenario?


It sounds like you opened a credit card that was secured by $500 deposited into a bank account.  The credit card went delinquent, but you paid part of the balance that was past due, and you're wondering if you can get the remainder of the security deposit back.


Am I close?

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    • By NewlySeperate
      I’m newly separated and I’m trying to re-establish my credit and financial independence.  There are 4 collections on my credit report that my husband was responsible for when we were together in 2020.  We both had extensive blood work done by a lab of which he was paying. We separated and he has not been paying so it went to collections and showed up on my report. 
      I just disputed them online a few days ago and am waiting to see if they are removed. It has my name and not his. Is it even conceivable they will be deleted?  My score is in the 500 range right now. I don’t have much credit but want to repair and build.
    • By BigSpenderBigSaver
      Hello all. The title says just about everything. Is it known whether or not AMEX holds closed accounts against you when opening new ones?
      I had three (3) AMEX accounts, none of them were Gold. I entered all three in a DMP (I wanted to keep one open, but the DMP told me not to or else lenders may not accept the plan). I just paid off all three well ahead of the end of the DMP end date. To my knowledge, I have not be subject to an F/R.
      FICO scores as follows:
      EX 713
      TU 717
      EQ 701
      I was approved for the CSP yesterday (7/23/21) so I will have a new account lowering my AAoA. I not looking to apply for the AMEX Gold for a few months (depending on your feedback).
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • By condemnity
      Hi All,
      I'm trying to understand the best approach on good will letters for two cards that I settled a few years ago and finished paying in 2020.
      I had a Bank of America card and Amex which were both charged off after working with a debt settlement company. I was then sued by both cards and BoA garnished my bank account.
      After hiring a lawyer, the accounts got settled and I finished paying last year. However, the law firm I hired didn’t secure any guarantee to remove the cards from my credit report after payment.
      I'm starting to look for car leases through Honda and want to improve my scores to get the best rate/amount before I apply so I’m trying to figure out how to handle those two accounts in particular.
      My FICO scores are currently - Ex: 646; Eq: 657; TU: 617.
      The issues are:
      * Serious delinquency
      * Few accounts paid on time
      * No loan activity
      * Bad payment history
      I've done a few things to start counteracting the effects, including:
      * Opening a credit card account with Amex (1k limit) in November of last year, not using it too much and paying it in full each month.
      * Opening a Capital One card (2k limit) in April, using it more frequently for every day purchases and paying full balances every few weeks.
      * Opening a credit builder loan this month to establish a consistent payment history.
      * Asking  my girlfriend who has excellent credit and a long credit history to put me on as a registered user.
      I think these are good steps to take, but the obvious big issue is the serious delinquency, so I'm trying to get the credit cards removed from my CR. 
      I've disputed the cards to try to have them removed from all three CRAs and they both came back as verified, so that didn’t work.
      My next step is going to be a good will letter to both creditors.
      I'm mainly planning on highlighting the circumstances (divorce, undisciplined spending, etc) that caused me to default. 
      I then want to highlight with Amex that I have a new card with them and have been very responsible over the course of the last few months. For both cards, I want to highlight all of the progress I've made in my financial life, learning to budget and to be disciplined about financial management, my changed views on credit, etc. 
      My hope is that they will remove the accounts from my CR and that will highlight my positive payment history on past loans, etc. 
      My main question for the group is, do you see any issues with my approach (mainly with regards to the goodwill letter, but generally is also welcome)? 
      Should I try to remove individual payments instead of trying to remove the entire cards?
      I did have a positive payment history with each card at some point, so I feel this could be a more useful approach, but it seems a lot more work for whoever reads the letter vs just deleting the account completely. 
      Any other advice on what to include? Would it be crazy to include budgets, net worth statements, etc to prove that I’m on the up and up?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By CandiedCredit
      Hi Everyone, I have been at war with the big 3 for a few months now. I have had success with equifax and Transunion removing old addresses. However Experian just will not budge. Ive tried letters and calling and have gotten no where. My question is: Is it possible to dispute baddies off Equifax and Transunion, and once they remove items, to send some sort of follow suit letters to experian to get them to comply if the other two did? This is all hypothetical of course. I have not started disputing yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By c0moneyman
      Wassup y’all, I went through a rough patch in my life when I was 18 and overcharged the freak out of a kohls charge card and it went into collections. I paid it off and now i’m thinking🤔, how can i get that removed off my report since i paid it off. I know i should’ve tried to write a letter to them saying if i pay it off they’ll knock it off my credit but i wasn’t thinking back then. Is it to late to contact them and ask to get it removed if possible? Im not tryna wait 7 years i’m trying to get a house next year y’all.

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