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Beginning the process - Trying to do it right

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My girlfriend has 3 medical collections showing on her credit report that we are trying to get removed.


1 yr 8 months - $101

3yrs 8 months - $117

5yrs 7 months - $119


I guess she's got a thing for skipping a bill every 2 years or so.  We discussed not doing it again since she is coming up on that point again.


I wish it was as simple as just paying them but that unfortunately looks like the absolute wrong answer.


I'm trying to be as methodical as possible and Why Chat's info has been amazing!  I've read all the newb stuff I could find on the board but the thing that is slowing me down is the initial address removal.  I'd like to complete the step to give the process every chance to succeed.


Why Chat's guide says to include a copy of your drivers license, a copy of your SS card and a copy of a recent utility bill as proof of your identity when trying to get old addresses removed.


She has a drivers license with our current address (lived here for 4 years now) - check


I added her onto the gas bill and I have the most recent one with her on it now - check


SS card...not my forte

  - She has her original one with her maiden name

  - She was married about 20 years ago (divorced about 17 years ago) but still uses her married last name.  She doesn't know where the new one with that name is.


Apparently the local SS offices aren't doing cards right now due to Covid and online it says option unavailable when I try to get a replacement.  Would you still send a copy of the old one even though it won't match the name on the file (obviously the SS number will match)?  Is there something else you would use?  Should we just be patient and wait until they reopen?  If I missed a guide or a pinned topic I apologize.  Just let me know and I'll keep hunting for it 😃.


Also, we have her credit files frozen at the moment.  Will we need to unfreeze them before we send the removal letters and begin the process?


Any help is appreciated! 

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Does her maiden name show on her credit reports?? If not, skip the SS card and just continue with the program. Since she obtained ( I presume) her credit reports from the 3 CRAs OK all she has to do is to send a copy of each report with the old addresses circled in red. I don't think you have to unfreeze the reports as they are only frozen for outside inquiries not inside ones.

I assume you have been following the guides?


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html

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Nothing has been sent yet.  We've been working off of what is reported on Credit Karma (I know...highly inaccurate) since we were still gathering the items to send in for the address removal and I wanted the credit reports to be as recent as possible.  She put in the request with her old insurance for the EOBs today so that we can gather those while removing the old addresses.


We are planning on pulling her actual CRs tomorrow to red circle and send in.  I'm assuming that we will need to pull multiple CRs over the next few months while pursuing this.  Do you have a recommended Credit Monitoring service so that we can pull all three when needed for a set monthly fee?


Yes, I am following your guides as best I can!  Thank you for writing them and making them available!  I'm reading other noob material just for an understanding of the process but the goal is to follow what you've written to the letter.

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You need to get the real reports. Once you have sent the disputes you can keep track with Credit Karma but DO NOT try to use their data in ANYTHING. Generally speaking you can get updated reports from the CRAs free if they respond with any change but I do NOT suggest you call or go on line to try to get them. 

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Hi!  We got her actual credit reports today.  To say the least they are a mess.  Everything from wrong addresses, addresses she never lived at, her spouse from 17 years ago still listed on one as her spouse, additional different SSNs, wrong middle initials on names, etc. 


Would you recommend cleaning those up at the same time we ask to have her addresses removed?  If so, would you recommend doing it in the same letter or multiple letters?


Sorry...I know this is outside the scope of just this section of the forum.  I just want to make sure that I don't try to fix something and have it mess me up when we get to the part about fixing the medical collections.  Thanks!  

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Yes definitely-- get everything  cleaned up BEFORE doing any disputing. You can do it in one letter. Make sure you list the errors AND include copies of her reports with the disputed entries circled in red. As to her SS#, did she file any income tax return?? Does she have any W2 from an employer that has her SS# on it?? Use that instead of copy of SS card and state that she has lost her SS card and will apply for a duplicate once the pandemic is over.

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