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Modest "heads up" on Citi Shop Your Way (SYW) MC


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The Citi Shop Your Way card is largely a "waste of sock drawer space" card that was squeezed out a few years ago by Citi as a derivative to their Sears Mastercard, when Sears started into heavy decline.  It's a reward card that functions in conjunction with the "Shop Your Way (SYW)" incentive program, through which you accumulate credits good for purchases as Sears/K-Mart, or for select merchandise purchases from participating vendors.


I've only taken limited advantage of SYW since it was introduced, so don't rely upon my description (if you're interested in the details).  I only had a Sears card to take advantage of promotional finance deals on household appliances.


I mention this card now only because an offer landed in my inbox that's of considerable (unexpected) value:  For 3rd qtr, up to $1500 in monthly select category charges (gas/grocery/restaurant) is being rebated at 10% to the card.  This appears to be a direct statement credit (not SYW credits).  I don't know how directed the offer is ... it may be strictly extended to dormant accounts.


This is a boon for us because we tend to blow through the $6k Amex Blue Cash grocery limit before the end of each year.  Supplementing that bonus, along with the boost in earnings on gas & restaurant, is huge in my book.  (One thing I should add:  There was a similar offer for 2nd quarter that, distracted by COVID, etc., I didn't quite grasp the details of when I first read the offer.  Only later in mid-May did I pick up on what it was.  Fearful the offer might not repeat if I took advantage of it at a late date, I took a wait & see attitude for 3rd quarter.  I'd love it if this was repeated every quarter, but I find that very improbable at $450/qtr cash return.)


FWIW ...

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I used to have a plain Sears card. It goes all the way back when Sears had their own credit departments (Sesrs Credit Centrals). It got converted to a Citibank MasterCard Sears Card a long time ago. It's only a matter of time until Sears totally vanishes. The Sears near me closed last year. When Sears becomes history I expect my Sears MasterCard to be converted into some generic Citibank MasterCard.

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My Sears charge was my second credit card account, issued in 1981.  I resisted the conversion to a MC several times, seeing no value in it.  (I hold a Nordstrom charge, rather than the VISA, for much the same reason.)


I think we last stepped into a Sears around 2015 and aside from the occasional online water filter order, I don't give the charge much thought.   I must have ignored some mailer threatening a conversion  to SYW a couple of years ago because one suddenly showed up in the mail.  I didn't activate it and the card mailer must have gotten lost in the shuffle because at some point I was scanning my credit report last year and discovered the card had been inactive for a little over 2 years.  Had to call to get a replacement so I could order another water filter.


To be honest, I can't help but think that the SYW issuance was in anticipation of an ultimate Sears demise.

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