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Am I on the right path?

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Hello, I am a long time member but I have been away for a long time. I am looking for some advice or just opinions that I am doing the right thing!


To start I am looking to buy a home by the end of the year!


My Current Situation:

AMEX: Opened Feb 2012 / Balance $0 / Limit: $6700 / One 30 Day Late Payment

Barclays: Opened Oct 2019 / Balance $387 / Limit $1000 / No Lates

Capital One: Opened Dec 2010 / Balance $202 / Limit $5750 / One 30 day(Feb 2019), One 60 Day Late (March 2019)

Discover: Opened June 2020 (0% Balance Transfer) / Balance $9343 / Limit $9500

Kohls/CAPONE: Opened Oct 2016 / Balance $0 / Limit $3000

 Merrick Bank: Opened June 2011 / Balance $0 / Limit $3300 / 30 Day Lates (Oct & Nov 2018) - 60 Day Late Dec 2018 - 90 Day Late Jan 2019

Nordstrom: Opened Nov 2012 / Balance $0 / Limit $5800 / No Lates

THD/CBNA (Home Depot) Opened June 2011 / Balance $2000 / Limit $6000 / No Lates

CLOSED: PNC Credit Card Opened Jan 2016 / Closed Dec 2018 Legally Paid in full for less than the full balance Lates: (2017) Aug 30days - Sept 60days - Oct 60 days- Nov 90 days (2018) Jul 30 days - Aug 60 Days - Sept 90 Days - Oct/Nov 120 Days

CLOSED: SYNCB/LAZBOY: Opened DEC 2014 Closed Oct 2017 Good history no negatives

CLOSED: NOT REPORTING NOW: Credit Union CC Balance $8500 with late pays (I am sure this will show up when i least expect it)


 AUTO Loan:

US BANK Opened April 2020 Good History

- I have 5 closed Auto Loans with perfect history


Student Loans:

- Balance $7410 Good History

- Balance $6165 Good History

- CLOSED: Good History


Personal Loans:

- CLOSED: One Main Financial this loan was paid in full in 3 months!


401k Loan:

$9500 - Auto Pay through pay checks does not show on credit report



Now you know my current situation: I just did the balance transfers on the Discover and it has increase my FACO score a large amount. I am thinking of taking a personal loan from my bank to pay off my 401k loan. I would then be able to take out a larger loan to pay off all my revolving debt and have it automatically taken from my pay checks at a 5% interest rate. I would normally leave the balance on the discover card at 0% but that ends in 14 months which I do not know if I would have it paid off in time. As I said i am looking to buy a house before the end of the year. Should i go forward with this process?


Why I am thinking of the 401k loan...

1) I like the idea that I have a very low interest rate and that interest actually goes back into my 401k

2) I know the debt will be paid off in 60 months

3) If god forbid i lose my job the loan is paid off by my 401k (I know this sucks but it does protect me)

4) this will clear up my credit report of debt and maybe increase my credit score more


I have a plan in place to not run up credit cards again. we are living will within our means now and not running up debt but actually slowly paying it off with high interest. It will go even faster with low interest rates! The way I figure I will be saving an average of $400 a month in interest alone!


Please give me your honest opinion on what I should do!




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Yes if you actually have changed your ways and are living within your means, do anything you can to get the interest lower on existing debt including a 401k loan. The risk of course is if you fall off the wagon and now you have the CC debt and the 401k is tanked.


As far as buying a house, do you have a 3-6 month liquid emergency fund? If not, I would prioritize that before you buy a house at a very high interest rate and PMI because that's what you're looking at with your credit profile.


Honest opinion is it sounds kind you're on the right track, but just continue that way and let the house buying wait until you get into a better financial place in a couple of years. 

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    • By PS2020
      I had another topic on the this subject a while back but I felt it was getting too far off the mark, so I wanted to start fresh. I'll keep it super simple though, because my current goal is to repair my credit:
      TL;DR - What do I do with my charge offs/things that have been sent to collection and are well within the SOL? Pay them off ASAP? Pay in Full or go for the discounted settlements? What will let me start building up my score the quickest and allow me to distance myself from my troubled history?
      I have 2 chase accounts, one is $5k+ and one is $600+, both have been charged off, both are well within the SOL (happened in 2018, SOL is 5 years in Illinois for getting sued afaik). I have a Discount tire one that has also been charged off, also well within the SOL. Now there are some other accounts I KNOW have been charged off, all around the same time, but they either show up on my eReport or not at all, but I expect them to pop up as I continue down this process, because that seems to be what's been happening anyways.
      Now here's what I SPECIFICALLY need an answer on, because I felt like this wasn't getting answered: What do I do with this information? I know I owe the money, I want to improve my credit. Is it really worth going through the whole Debt Validation thing at this point? If not, than do I let's say call up Chase or Discount Tire or any of the OCs I had these debts with and talk to them? Do I just wait for the collection letter to come and settle the debt that way? Will it look better if I pay off the debt in full as opposed to going through one of these CAs, or does it not matter at this point other than getting hit with a 1099?
      I have searched up and down the boards and I am having trouble finding the answers I need. I already know paper reports are worth a million times more than the ereports, I already know about credit utilization and DTI and all of that, I already know what to do to build the credit back up once I don't have to worry about the charge offs before, but what I don't know is what to do with my current charge offs.
      Thank you all for your time! I apologize if my tone sounds demanding; I promise you that is not the case! I just want to be as straightforward as possible so I'm not wasting your time. I'm thankful for the advice I have been given already and as a matter of fact this board helped me get back with AMEX after the whole debacle I had with them.
    • By Igor
      Hi All - I am new here.
      We are looking for help on how we can move our high APR CCs to 0% with a BT to new cards.
      We have the following CCs with CL info. We are looking to do BTs to 0%. We opened a couple cards but got low CL, asked for a higher CL but were denied. We opened up US Bank cards to do BTs but got CL of $500 - 600. I tried asking US Bank to increase our CL to no avail. I thought we can leverage our open CL's on other CC, meaning I can lower the CL on a Citi card with 0% util and they would give me more but the CCC said it would not help.
      One thing I noticed, we had been saying we earn $45k but we did not realize we earn $80k...
      We are not sure what to do next.
      I assume we should move around some CL or balances to bring the CS back up, then open a new card or raise the balance on a card with a BT offer, and do the BT.
      I will look into getting the CR's to review if anything is not supposed to be there.
      Meanwhile, these are the cards for me and DW.
      ME, FICO 726 owe CL CL utiliz. APR % rate until Notes FICO 726 (was 750 in Nov)   Bank of A 0 17200 0%           Chase Freedom 9550 13000 73% 15.24         Citi AA MileUp 0 13200 0%           Citi Double Cash 3600 3900 92% 0 6/16/2022  New                       DW - FICO 689                 Bank of A 4030 6900 58% 18.99         Bank of A 4200 6000 70% 22.99   0% until Feb 15, 2021     Citi Double Cash 2430 2500 97% 0 7/3/2022 New
          (Citi AA MileUp
      0 19700 0%      
      What can I make more clear?
      TIA for all advice!
    • By jwals48
      Almost 40 days ago I sent in 3 dispute letters to all 3 CRA's. I received nothing back from EQ, EX sent me a copy of my report with no changes or notes, and TU deleted 4 accounts. Is there any way to leverage TU to help with the other CRA's? Thank You for any help!
    • By hippiesj
      Can I get some guidance on how to remove some old paid off charge offs from my CRs?
      -CAP 1 paid charge off in 2016
      -CAP 1 paid  charge off closed in 2015 
      -Santander paid charge off in 2017
      -An old student loan  that was 120 days late that was closed to transfer in 12/17
      Covid hit me hard so I have tons of charge offs and collections for other accounts that are recent that I know I won't be able to do anything with
      Any advise would be greatly appreciated
      Thank you 
    • By PS2020
      I have another topic I made on here detailing my journey so far, but I felt this warranted it's own topic.
      I'll start with the TL;DR - I got invited to the Optima program, so I paid off my balance in full, still have yet to receive a letter or optima credit application (I do have an e-mail and reference number at least), and just now my Chase Journey and Experien accounts told me I got a large derogatory mark, specifically that my AMEX was charged off.
      The long version:
      Back in 2019 I was on a payment plan with AMEX and I tried to switch bank accounts (my main one became at risk), but after removing my account, it refused to let me add a new one. I called customer service, and they were insanely rude and refused to add my new bank, saying "I violated the agreement" or some nonsense, so I just stopped paying them altogether. At the time I could barely afford it anyways. Fast forward to about a month ago, I started getting e-mails about being invited to the Optima program. I don't trust e-mails like that for anything, but I had run into some money and my wife and I are in the process of condo hunting (I don't want or need lectures about mortgages), AND people here advised me to try to get into the optima program anyways as a low hanging fruit to fixing up my credit, so I looked up AMEX's official number and called them directly. After a bunch of phone transferring, they put me in contact with someone who basically said if I pay it off, they'll show the account as being closed and paid in full and then send me the application to the optima program.
      And like I said in the TL;DR, I have yet to receive a letter or an application, but now I'm seeing notifications that my credit report has a brand new charge off from AMEX, which first off is the exact opposite of what they said they'd do, and secondly, how is it charged off if I literally just paid it in full?
      I apologize, but I'm basically seething at this point, and I don't know what to do. I'm absolutely going to call them tomorrow and make them explain themselves, because if I knew paying them off would add a derogatory mark to my credit, I wouldn't have done it to begin with, and I'll just ask my bank to do a charge back. I really don't care anymore, and I can use that money elsewhere. That's twice I tried to work with them in good faith, and it's twice that I seem to be the one getting shafted. There won't be a third time.

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