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An alarming number of people are complaining about their Citi credit card accounts

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One Best Buy customer from Pennsylvania filed a complaint in June to the CFPB database saying Citibank is charging $100 in monthly interest even though he or she was laid off because of the pandemic.


"This is absolutely disgusting," the customer wrote.



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24 minutes ago, TheVig said:

I was recently kicked out of a credit related FB group. I stumbled into a conversation. Typical salamander discussion......banks are evil, they have no compassion, etc.


I posted a pic of the big guy flipping over some tables. He tried to warn you over 2000 years ago to PIF every month. Slow learners.

I need to look into these victim support groups.  


I could use some new slogans. 


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The bank set aside $4.9 billion in credit reserves to help cushion the blow from loan losses across the company.

I am quite sure a lot of those complainers are not paying either.....
In 2018, Citi acknowledged it overcharged interest payments on 1.75 million credit card accounts. The bank apologized and agreed to refund about $300 million to consumers.
Interesting, I was not aware of this issue.....
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1 hour ago, pokerdave said:

I just opted back in last year .  They were sending me 5-6 offers a week,I haven't gotten any mail from them during the pandemic should i complain?

Have you nearly burned your head down to a smoldering stump with a defective hair wand? 

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