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Handling Accounts not Reporting on CRA's

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Hello. I'm returning to this forum after about 3 years have passed. I had great success following the WhyChat guides last time! Everything was fairly straight forward. However, my situation is a bit different this time. Due to a new diagnosis about 1.5 years ago, I have accumulated a number of medical bills (what was left after insurance). However, none of them are reporting on my credit reports (I've pulled the real ones several times; last pull was in the last month). That said, the CA's are being and have been quite aggressive despite not reporting. I had two that almost immediately sued after only receiving one correspondence from them. I've been ignoring them (had nothing to pay them and just felt overwhelmed), but now I want to take care of things. So, where do I start if these CA's are not reporting on my credit reports? Two of them got a default judgement and one has recently garnished my wages. I'd like to avoid that happening again. The unpaid medical bills are from about January 2018 - April 2019 (I'm still going through my EOB's, but have switched insurance since Dec 2018). I'm guessing I need to send the CA's letters requesting proof that they have a current business relationship with these providers. For the one that sued and got a default judgement (but hasn't garnished wages yet), is there anything I do differently for that one? Am I just stuck paying it off or do they still have to prove there is an existing relationship. 

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What State are you in?? Mass.??


Are the judgments on your reports??


The CAs would not have been able to sue you successfully if they hadn't had a current business relationship with the OC health care providers. 


Have you thought of BK??


Are you recovered now from your health issues?? ( I hope so)


Did you ask for any assistance from your State or County?

I suggest you speak to a lawyer about these issues especially how to avoid garnishment and properly defend yourself against these lawsuits.

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Thanks for the quick response!


I am in Nebraska. My diagnosis is long-term (not terminal or anything) so I will need regular lab work and imaging for the indefinite future. I also had a 3 day hospitalization last summer (ER visit and gallbladder removal 3 days later) and that bill is with a CA now. No lawsuit yet though and it's not showing on the portal when I check my account balance. These bills are relatively small so I can start to pay them now or make payments on the larger ones. So, BK would not be necessary.


The judgements are not on my reports. However, I was properly served and I did receive papers from the court showing a default judgement was given. I guess I'm not sure who to contact to arrange payments for the judgements so that I can avoid additional garnishments. That is interesting what you said about not being able to sue unless there was an existing business relationship. I should note that I was able to login to the hospital portal (same as noted above) last night and the larger bill I was sued for is not even listed there as owed/unpaid in my account anymore even though it has not been paid or garnished yet. There are only more recent bills from March 2020. Nothing prior to that. I do see archived statements showing it, but it is not listed in my total amount owed to the hospital. If a CA is saying I owe it, but it's not listed on the hospital portal, what does that mean? I would think it would show up on current statements that show everything I owe. The hospital does have a financial aid program, which I have qualified for in the past. Is that still an option post-judgement? 


For the other bills that are with CA's, how should I approach those? Do I try to pay the provider? Send letters to the CA's. Even though they are not reporting, I'm afraid they will behave aggressively like the others and just go straight to suing. 



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Sign up for the financial aid program.

Get a lawyer to help you with any garnishment that has exceeded the legal limits;


Greater of 75% disposable earnings (85% if head of household), or 30 x fed. minimum hourly wage.

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Thank you. So, you feel that I could still sign up for the financial aid programs even if the collection agency already got a judgement? The most recent judgement is the one I am most concerned with. The two hospital bills on it are from 2019. Should I contact the hospitals first? After that, do I inform the CA that I have applied for financial aid? I do feel I need to get clarification on the charges since they are no longer listed on either patient portal. 

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Posted (edited)

I think you can TRY to get the financial aid AND get a lawyer to help you get the judgments dismissed AND get any wages improperly garnished refunded. At the same time PLEASE follow the guide AGAIN. Even if nothing is reporting at this point in time .





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I applied for financial aid at both hospitals. Today I received a letter from one of them. This is the larger of the two and is for an ER visit and then a hospitalization/surgery two days later. I'll share what it says. Please advise on my next steps.


RE: Financial Assistance Approval


Dear (my name):


Your account(s) have been reviewed and a determination has been made in accordance with (hospital name)'s Financial Assistance Guidelines. This letter reduces your personal responsibility but does not release any third party liens that have been filed by (name of hospital). The account(s) and the current balances are listed below. 


Account ID Admit date discharge date outstanding balance


It lists the first account, which was an ER visit for $572. Outstanding balance shows -60.00 now.

Second account listed is for the hospitalization/surgery visit for $1500. Outstanding balance shows 0.00.


Do I send a copy of this or send something else to the collection company, their lawyer, both? What should I do next? There is no indication here on the letter that the hospital will notify them. Will the hospital contact them and pull the assigned account? It's already a judgement and they have an order to garnish wages, but have not done so yet. I do have an account on their portal and could send a message to their billing folks. I did that already when I asked if I would be eligible for applying for financial aid. 

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