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How to negotiate medical collection account

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I have a pending medical collections account that I want to settle (eventually removal from the credit report) to allow me to negotiate better mortgage rates.

Q1. I am not good with verbal negotiation. can I write it to the collections agency or ask a relative to negotiate on my behalf?

Q2. How much (%) discount should I ask for?

Q3. any tips on negotiation


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To summarize the situation. my account has gone to the collections agency and it is now reporting to the collections agency and impacting my FICO score. I want get the account removed from the credit reporting to secure better mortgage rates.


Here are the details

  • I have recently moved to the US and currently on a work visa, and I was new to the US health system
  • in August 2017, I took my son to the urgent care for head stitches. they told me that they would charge about $275 and if I go to ER, I will get better services, and they may not even charge me anything
  • So I took my son to the ER. After a few months, ER sent me two invoices, one for 1900 sh (doctor charges) and second of 1700 sh (ER charges). I called them, and then they took out doctor's fees as ER charges were inclusive of Doc's. so I was left with only 1700 sh
  • I told the situation to ER (re. UC's advise) and asked them to lower the fees to $275 as I was misled into this situation. They offered me a discount of 50%. (totaling around 900) Which I refused at that time as I was expecting $250 charges.
  • I asked the ER to try to charge the amount on my Canadian health card to see if I could benefit from that. Which they tried and got declined by Canada
  • By that time, I moved to a different address and never got the ER (and the collection agency)
  • last year, when I ran my credit, I realized that the account is now with collections
  • I called the ER billing department and explained the situation. and offered to pay them 50% in exchange for the delete of account from collections reporting
  • ER told me that they can't help in this matter as it is now with the collections and I should deal directly with the collections

my objective is to get the account removed from the credit reporting to improve my FICO score. Please advise

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Follow the guides;


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


Your initial letter to the CRAs ( Credit reporting agencies) may get this deleted IF you have followed the first guide;



The CA who is currently reporting this account is NOT the same CA who the hospital initially turned the account over to. Any payment to this CA will make matters worse because AT BEST it will then be reported as a "paid" or "settled" account which will be WORSE for your FICO scores as it will still be derogatory but NEWER.


If you need further help, post your results in THIS post after you have followed the initial steps .


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Posted (edited)

I disputed the information directly with the collections agency and with Transunion / Experian.    

  • Collections agency provided all details
  • Transunion/Experian verified account to be accurate
  • Its not showing up on Equifax


Here is what I have on individual reports (maxed the creditor names and dates)




Original Creditor: XYZ MEDICAL CENTER
Responsibility: Individual
Condition: Derogatory
Date Opened: 10/5/2018
Date Reported: 05/25/2020
Remarks: Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements

Original Creditor: XYZ MEDICAL CENTER
Account type: Collection Department / Agency / Attorney
updated on: Oct 1, 2018
collection opened: 10/5/2018




............ CREDIT KARMA website is suggesting that

  • If I pay off the debt in full then my FICO score will be boosted by +25 points,
  • settle for less will boost my credit by +21 points
  • removed will boost my credit by +23 points



Please advise next steps and would you agree with Credit Karma's suggestion to just pay it off















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Don't pay attention to Credit Karma.

Have you opted out and deleted old addresses?


If you disputed on line or through Credit Karma within the past 90 days you will have to go to step 2 in the HIPAA letter program.

https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html and send the medical DV to the reporting CA


and then send the follow up dispute to TU and Ex


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